A curious Apex Legends gamer shares a simple online hack that guarantees epic loot from Olympus MRVN robots every time.

MRVNs are friendly robots that drop loot of varying quality at Apex legends‘Olympus map, and according to one player, there is a trick to guaranteeing epic loot every time. MRVNs were originally introduced to the game during the Fight Night Collection event, which added some cosmetics for Pathfinder.

Respawn Entertainment failed to keep the Fight Night Collection event a secret as it was leaked a few days before the official release. The spoiled surprise included a cinematic trailer dedicated to Pathfinder’s past. However, that character was not the only type of robot to appear at the event, as Titan’s FallThe MRVNs made an unexpected return in the form of loot bots. They were added as a form of interactive decoration, capable of dropping items of varying quality, from common to epic. Additionally, players can beat friendly bots to death after collecting loads of loot for a chance to grab their arm. It can then be attached to a different MRVN to instantly get Gold Tier items.

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According to hotstickynsweet On Reddit, there is a simple trick to ensure an MRVN drops epic loot on Apex legends every time. Judging from the short video provided by the player, all that is needed is to activate the friendly robot at the exact moment the white icon appears. If the interaction is timed correctly, the happy MRVN drops a pile of purple items. However, as mentioned by players in the comments, this cheat works best on consoles. As for the PC version of the game, it is highly recommended to press the button just when the blue marker appears, or at least when the white begins to disappear. It’s worth noting that internet connection speed and latency can affect the hack considerably.

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This is one of the many tricks he has discovered Apex legends players in an attempt to improve certain aspects of the game. For example, one gamer managed to find a working solution to drastically reduce bullet spray without using traps. According to the simple guide, holding the Bangalore Smoke Grenade Launcher in an active state results in increased hip-firing accuracy while crouching (the same effect was later confirmed for the Revenant tactic). Unfortunately, the hack is most useful on consoles and has almost no effect on PC.

Despite making a somewhat convincing first impression, this new MRVN hack on Apex legends it doesn’t really sound like a failsafe solution. It all depends on the reaction time of the player and the quality of the internet connection. However, for some unlucky players, this basic understanding of how the MRVN slot machine works could come in handy.

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