After Angelina’s husband shared a selfie on Instagram, Vinny hit him up, calling it a midlife crisis post. Angelina rushed to defend her man.

The Jersey Shore Star Vinny Guadagnino mocked Angelina Pivarnick’s husband Chris Larangeira for his post about the midlife crisis on Instagram. To no surprise to fans, Angelina was quick to come to her husband’s defense. Angelina and Vinny tend to make fun of each other a lot and now, Vinny takes that prank relationship on to her husband. Chris knows the cast of the show quite well, having appeared in a handful of episodes throughout the spinoff series.

Angelina and Chris got married in 2019, which appeared on the show. Their wedding was the beginning of what felt like the endless drama between Angelina and the rest of the girls. Although Angelina has been married for almost two years, many longtime viewers still think that she and Vinny would make a good couple. The two have had brief relationships in the past, during Angelina’s short time on the original show. Since their return, Angelina and Vinny tend to have a very strong love-hate relationship.

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Although Angelina allows Vinny to make jokes about herself, she draws the line when he begins to tease her husband. Chris, Angelina’s husband, posted a photo of himself on Instagram showing off her new facial hair while in her car. In his caption, he encouraged his followers to do whatever makes them happy, as everyone only has one life to live. Not long after sharing the photo, Vinny criticized it in the comments. Vinny joked: “Yasss Another midlife crisis post!“It didn’t take long for Angelina to endorse her man. She responded to Vinny, writing,”cornball at its finest. You have NO love to find. Skiddadle “. Angelina was referring to the recent announcement of a third season of Double shot at love during which Pauly D will finally help Vinny find a girlfriend.

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Before Angelina responded to Vinny, Chris also defended himself. He replied to Vinny, explaining: “without crisis, life is good.“While some fans criticized Vinny for his insult, others found him quite amusing. They even praised Vinny and Chris for managing to get along despite Vinny’s strange relationship with Angelina on the show. Mike” The Situation “also commented about publishing, write “My god it’s happening“Something he says often on the show. This comment left not only fans confused, but Chris as well. He laughed as he questioned what exactly was going on.

In March, Angelina and Chris sparked divorce rumors after they unfollowed each other on social media. Now, they have followed each other again and it is perceived that they are on good terms. While most of the other The Jersey Shore The roommates brought their loved ones on their recent trip to the mountains, which will be seen in the next season, it is unknown if Chris also accompanied them. The premiere date for the new season has yet to be announced; however, it is supposed to air sometime in the spring.

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