Oddly enough, there is a great deal of My Hero Academia fan fiction in which Class 1-A are audiences of their own anime. This is the appeal.

My hero academia is one of the most popular manga and anime currently in circulation, having accumulated fans around the world. And like most franchises with some massive popularity, it has inspired a host of fan fiction that allows the general public to take the cast and stories and create entirely new adventures with them.

More recently, this has given rise to a particular sub-genre of fan fic, in which all the protagonists watch the events of … their own self Show. Irreverent as it may sound, it is actually the fulfillment and culmination of everything that the fan fic allows. Here’s a look at all My hero academia Fan fiction stories in which Class 1-A becomes an audience for their own anime, and why there will only be more of them.

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My Hero Academia Future Fan Fic

Anime My Hero Academia Izuku Momo Class 1-A Nervous

On One of such fan fic, Izuku Midoriya’s class is forced to watch the My hero academia anime in a theater, with their Quirks deactivated so that they cannot counterattack against the person who has them there. This story has the entire event framed as a kind of educational or training exercise, with the class made to observe the action of your future selves to understand what to do in drastic and life-threatening situations. Another similar story crosses with an unrelated but very similar series, RWBY. Characters from both universes observe Deku’s growth as a hero and try to apply it to themselves.

exist loads more of these stories, many of which take place after sports festivals for some reason. This may be because such sports festivals are usually capped after big events in My hero academia, so the cast sitting and watching “future episodes” can be seen as a kind of preview of the next season.

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Why is the ‘Watching the Future’ Fan Fic attractive?

Izuku Midoriya wears one for all

The strange appeal of these fan fics might be more obvious to anyone who reads or writes fan fiction. Fan fiction allows fictional characters to be taken out of their usual limitations to see how they would respond to certain situations. Within the particular subgenre of “Watching the Future”, some stories take a comic route, something like Mystery Science Theater. In this setting, the characters watch their own show to laugh at and satirize each other’s actions, essentially retreading stories from the episodes with exclusive commentary from the cast. This is especially the case if you are watching past events from your particular series.

However, prospective fan fic viewing makes them look to future events and they are generally more serious. These allow characters to comment on their actions, but the comment typically leaves them in awe of how strong they become or who they become romantically involved with. Or they may scream in horror at the prospect of their own deaths, and information is shown to them to possibly avoid that fate. The author can then turn this idea into another fan fic where said characters successfully avoid their original fate.

There’s also the element of breaking the fourth wall to reflect on how far not just the characters but the show itself has come. This is similar to the role of a clip show or 100th episode celebration on a television series, albeit one that is meant to interact and advance the story, even if it is not canon.

The number of My hero academia Fans who go this route will likely increase as the manga begins to reach its conclusion. This will likely involve the heroes, probably drawn from the beginning of the manga / anime, all looking to the future and seeing how their stories end. This is definitely a recipe for many creative opportunities, even if the concept is more than a little strange.

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