In a new Star Wars comic, the reptilian bounty hunter Bossk makes a meta-reference to the fact that he looks like a Gorn from Star Trek.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Star Wars: Bounty Hunter # 11!

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, the legendary Trandoshan hunter known as Bossk is the center of attention, and the issue confirms his similarity to a Star trek character in a very funny way. On the subject, Bossk finds himself competing in the Great Malastare Hunt, fighting for his life against a variety of other hunters who were paid by Jabba the Hutt to eliminate some rivals. However, one of those battles sees the reptile hunter facing a much larger foe, and it resembles Captain Kirk’s battle where he comically fought a Captain Gorn in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

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In the episode of Star trek first season titled “Arena”, the crew of the Business they found themselves in combat with a vessel belonging to the reptilian species known as Gorn. However, both ended up intruding into an unexplored sector of space guarded by beings known as the Metrons, who transported Captain Kirk and Captain Gorn to a remote arena and battlefield to face off in a one-on-one fight, with the victor. the ship is allowed to leave while the loser’s is destroyed. As such, the next battle is a slow, comically choreographed fight sequence between the captains, which at one point sees the Gorn captain throwing a large stone at Kirk. As such, the battle is a classic and iconic scene from the original series, and is apparently referenced in this new one. Star Wars Marvel edition.

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On Star Wars: Bounty Hunter # 11 from writer Ethan Sacks with art by Paolo Villanelli, Bossk has also been thrown into a competition in which he struggles to survive. Also, Bossk ends up at odds with the great Dowutin big game hunter known as Grummgar (first seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Maz Kanata’s castle). While Grummgar demands that Bossk fight with honor, the lethal and cunning Bossk cares little for honor as long as victory is achieved, and his violent response seems to reflect the attack of Captain Gorn, who looks a lot like a reptile.


Given the similarities between the two lizard warriors, many Star Wars Y Star trek Fans have jokingly wondered if Gorn and Trandoshano are distant cousins, and have actually speculated that Bossk may have been inspired by the Gorn, as “Arena” aired in 1967 while The Empire Strikes Back (Bossk’s first appearance) was in 1980. The greatest resemblance, of course, is in their heads, as they both have similar crests and nostrils. However, it has long been confirmed that Bossk’s yellow jumpsuit has been recycled from an episode of Doctor who.

Regardless, it’s a pretty funny reference that Ethan Sacks is perhaps making, and it’s still pretty hilarious even if the similarity wasn’t intentional. However, it should be noted that if Bossk were ever to go toe-to-toe with one of Gorn’s warriors in a duel, he would most likely win, as he has more than demonstrated his lethal abilities and ruthlessness in this new Star Wars Marvel Comics edition. While they are certainly strong, Star trek Gorn would be too slow.

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