Cascade Kingdom is one of the most beloved areas in the entire game. This is due to the fact that this is where Mario begins his greatest adventure. It is also simply a breathtaking sight as it is full of beautiful nature and waterfalls. It’s not all peaceful though, of course, as there are a ton of Chain Chomps and even a giant t-rex. This, in turn, adds to its overall value. In addition, it also has one of the most popular songs in the entire game, as it is the one that the player hears for the first time. In all respects, it is the perfect introductory level.

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However, an underrated part comes from their purple coins. Getting each purple coin in each level can be a bit challenging, but it’s a fun little task that adds to the excitement of the game. Since this level is so massive and has so many different platform levels, the player will have trouble locating all of them. However, it is important to get them all, as they are not only necessary for 100% of the game but also to buy fun items in the store for Mario to use.

Some of these coins may be easy to find in-game, but most aren’t a walk in the park for a number of different reasons, so a little helping hand is always a good thing.

10 Coins 1-3 (behind the big rock)

Mario in search of purple coins 1-3 in the Kingdom of Cascades

As a new kingdom begins in Super mario odyssey, it is easy for the player to get excited and advance immediately. However, when it comes to Cascade Kingdom, it is essential to go back first.

While that may seem counterproductive and unnecessary, it couldn’t be further from the truth. As you walk towards the cliff, three purple coins appear behind a rock. If Mario is just moving forward, there is no way he will see the first three purple coins in the level.

9 Coins 7-9 (hidden lower platform)

Mario gets 7-9 purple coins in Cascade Kingdom

The beauty that comes from Cascade Kingdom is that it has a plethora of different levels of platform. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to identify them, especially when they are below.

There are three purple coins that Mario wouldn’t be able to see if the player doesn’t jump. There is a lower platform on the right side of the cliff at the beginning of the level. They are easy to obtain when viewed, but finding this level can be difficult for beginners.

8 Coins 16-18 (The Giant Statue)

Mario gets purple coins 16-18 in Cascade Kingdom

While exploring this realm, Mario finds a giant pillar before having to face Chain Chomp. From there, it becomes apparent that there are three purple coins on top.

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Sure they can be easy to spot, but the real problem occurs when the player tries to catch them. A regular jump with Mario is not enough. Therefore, the player must successfully learn to triple jump. It’s a fun way to learn essential game mechanics.

7 Coins 19-21 (A small hole in the wall)

Mario searches for purple coins 19-21 in the Kingdom of Cascades

Chain Chomp certainly becomes a huge hurdle at this level for Mario. Therefore, for the player to get the 19-21 coins, he must first avoid this monstrous creature and walk to the left cliff.

From there, a wall appears and the player will be able to see three more purple coins in a small hole. Fortunately, getting them is very easy when you see them, since there are no enemies to protect them.

6 Coins 22-24 (hidden platforms)

Mario searches for purple coins 22-24 in the Kingdom of Cascades

The 22-24 coins certainly offer a great challenge for the player. Finding them is quite difficult first, as it requires Mario to go to the left of the three Chain Chomps and then spot a shaded path.

From there, Mario must use the white hats to form a platform, and then throw Cappy to get the coins. So at the end of the day, not only are they difficult to spot, but they are also a bit difficult to obtain successfully.

5 Coins 25-27 (a little help from the game)

Mario searches for purple coins 25-27 in the Kingdom of Cascades

A beautiful element of this game is that it teaches players certain skills that Mario has. This is very useful when it comes to 25-27 purple coins, as it tells the player how to obtain them.

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By throwing Cappy into the white hats, you create platforms for Mario to walk on, leading him to get these purple coins. It’s good for the player, as learning this skill pays them a great deal in the process.

4 Coins 31-33 (Just Past Chain Chomp)

Mario searches for purple coins 31-33 in the Kingdom of Cascades

Coins 31-33 require the player to navigate the mighty Chain Chomp. From there, there are a handful of rocks found at the end of the cliff. It may seem that they are only there to enhance the appearance of the level, but in reality this is not the case.

Instead, there are three more purple coins behind them, which are impossible for the player to see elsewhere. So it’s another great example of why exploring every small area, especially near the cliffs of this realm, is essential.

3 Coins 41-43 (at the top of the map)

Mario searches for purple coins 41-43 in the Kingdom of Cascades

Coins 41-43 are hard to find as it requires Mario to reach the top of the map in this realm. However, once Mario reaches the top, the actual process of obtaining the coins is not the worst.

They are located on a platform to the right of where a Power Moon is. From there, all Mario needs to do is take a long jump to get them back. However, it is still a long process, so it deserves a place here.

two Coins 44-46 (Under the waterfall)

Mario searches for purple coins 44-46 in Cascade Kingdom

An underrated aspect of the Cascade Kingdom is its swimming parts. The waterfall is aesthetically pleasing and really completes this level, but Mario swimming in it isn’t necessarily that common.

However, when Mario swims under the waterfall, there are three purple coins to find in a hidden square area of ​​the waterfall. It’s definitely a rewarding part of the level, as purple coins 44-46 are among the most difficult to find in the kingdom.

1 Coins 47-50 (The 8-Bit Challenge)

Mario searches for purple coins 47-50 in Cascade Kingdom

The final purple coins of the Kingdom of Waterfalls are easily the hardest to come by. This is due to the fact that it requires Mario to reach the final section of the 8-bit mission in the level.

Mario must reach the highest moving platform to get to the yellow coin section, instead of the green tube at the bottom. This leads Mario to a hidden passage, where he can go back to normal level and grab the last four purple coins.

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