When a comic book adaptation is first released, the minds of the public and fans are drawn to the different comic arcs that they might adapt. Drawing from comics is what makes a series stand out from the rest and a show like Superman and Lois It would be wise to use as many comic bows as possible.

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Given Superman’s rich and abundant history, it would be foolish not to look back at some of his best arcs and think about what to take out of the series about him and his family in Smallville. However, there may be some bows that should be avoided.

10 Should be used: Son Of Superman

Clark takes his son Jon flying

Right off the bat, it should be said that there are a lot of fantastic Superman bows out there and not all of them will make the cut. Bows like Superman: Red Son They are comics that all fans should read but are not on the list. However, for a program like Superman and Lois, Son of superman it would be a smart bow to use.

Coming from the era of comics “Renaissance”, Son of superman follows Clark and Lois as they try to adjust to their new world alongside their son, Jon. Although things are a bit different in the series with Jordan rather than Jon having powers, the concept can still be used. Seeing Clark grow closer to his son, understand his powers, and respect Krypton’s legacy as he takes on the Eradicator would make for great television.

9 Avoid: What happened to the man of tomorrow?

Title page of what happened to the man of tomorrow

Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow is another fantastic arc that people should read. Serving as the “last historical issues” of Superman, and was meant to serve as a conclusion to the Silver Age of comics after Crisis on Infinite Earths. While the comic serves as a meaningful and heartfelt ending, perhaps it should remain in the comics.

The story, while entertaining, enjoyable, and heartfelt, feels almost too grand to Superman and Lois. The series has more than one Smallville feel it, more realistic and content. Superman battling a Lex Luthor and Brainiac hybrid doesn’t exactly feel like it contains Superman’s dramatic disappearance.

8 Should be used: for the man who has it all

Mongul takes control of Superman with Black Mercy

In the end, comic adaptations are always going to take some liberties. Of course, most try to stay true to the original material, but there are times when change is necessary and does not affect the story as a whole. For the man who has it all It is such an arc, something that has been adapted into live action and animation.

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Written by Alan Moore, the story sees Superman attacked by the alien warlord Mongul, who attaches to him a plant called Black Mercy that makes him see a world where Krypton was never destroyed. Although some things like Mongul and the addition of Batman and Wonder Woman should be tweaked, the whole story would be fascinating to watch.

7 Avoid: Superman: Exile

Superman flies into exile

Sending Superman into space would be one thing. Yet send him into exile when he has his entire family with him? That is something completely different and why Superman: exile, it wouldn’t exactly work. In the story, Superman kills three Kryptonian criminals and, overcome by guilt, flies into exile in space.

While that sounds like something more appropriate for a solo DCEU movie than the TV series Superman and LoisFor the moment, the show takes place at a time when Superman is pretty well established. Even if he were to go through something like this, it feels like it should have happened long before he had a family and settled down. As such, the tone may not match well with the rest of the series despite some of its darkest moments.

6 Should be used: Superman: Up In The Sky

Superman hugs a girl after saving her

Tom King has become known as one of the most polarizing authors of DC comics. From having a solid run in Batman Rebirth to issue # 50, creating Heroes in crisis Which infuriated a fair amount of fans, King’s had an interesting run. Still, the authors scored some victories, from Mr miracle to Up in the sky.

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Up in the sky watch Superman fly into space, embarking on an odyssey of epic proportions … all to save a little girl who was abducted by aliens. It is a sincere and realistic story that shows the softer and more intimate side of Superman. While the arc could be cut for television purposes, perhaps seeing the arc incorporated would be nice to remind Superman of his son’s innocence, as the girl.

5 Avoid: Must there be a Superman?

The Guardians judge Superman

Again, there are plenty of comic arcs that feel more suitable in the DCEU than in the world of Superman and Lois. There must be a superman is one of those stories. After fighting an evil force and arriving on the planet OA of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Guardians raise the question that due to Superman’s actions, should he still be there?

As intriguing as the idea is, adding the Guardians at random would feel pretty random, not to mention the weight of a story like that that should be used for a feature film.

4 Should be used: Superman for all seasons

Superman flies in the rain in Superman for All Seasons

While fans enjoy meeting people like the Kent family and watching Clark grow closer to Jordan, Jon, and Lois, one can’t help but wonder what Clark’s early days must have been like. Fans were given a glimpse into the past in an opening montage in the pilot episode and even used a scene from the comic. Superman for all seasons.

A look at Superman moving from Smallville to Metropolis, perhaps it would be frequent that more comic was used. Delving into Superman’s past, showing him and Lois bonding and more of Ma and Pa Kent could serve as a great flashback episode for the series and provide fans with healthier moments like the “My Mom Made It” line.

3 Avoid: Death of Superman

Lois Lane and Metropolis mourn the death of Superman

Given that the Arrowverse series was renewed for a second season, it is unlikely that Superman will face an untimely end at the end of the first season. Either way, it may be better for the show to get away from the likes of the Death of superman, both in the comic arc and in the characters.

As you watch the Man of Steel fight and battle the giant Doomsday to a halt, it may not quite fit what the show is looking for. Currently, Superman needed to train Jordan in his power to make sure he was in control. Even after that, casting a mega-villain like Doomsday may not fit in with the lower-level, grounded story the CW series is trying to tell.

two Should be used: All-Star Superman

Superman flies through the sun as it explodes

Like an everything, Superman All-Star It is one of the best Superman bows out there. Written by Grant Morrison, the series follows Superman after he discovers that he is dying and decides to spend his last days on earth making the most of it. While the idea of ​​Superman’s death may not be the best direction to Superman and Lois, there is still a lot to work with.

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From Lois getting superpowers for a day to gods fighting for Superman’s arms to using little Supermen to cure cancer and even save a girl’s life, there are plenty of quiet moments that could be used in the series that could embody the Arrowverse’s Superman.

1 Avoid: grounded

Superman Grounded Comic Cover

Now, Superman: Landed, What Superman All-Star, has some decent moments that could be used for the series. Only in the first part, there is an incredibly moving scene in which Superman saves a woman from committing suicide. To some extent, parts of Grounded could adapt. But that can be problematic.

For one, Grounded It’s about Superman walking the Earth instead of flying everywhere, seeing it from the perspective of humans. Which sounds like a good idea until he acts like Thoreau, sparking theological debates and generally being a jerk to people. Overall, not the best look for the Man of Steel. Also the idea of ​​Superman walking everywhere? Kind of a strange concept.

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