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One more thing X Men Fans may agree is that Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender do an excellent job of bringing Erik Lensherr to life in the movies. He is a nuanced, captivating and complex character who unfolds in fascinating and sometimes unexpected ways throughout the story.

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Throughout his development and overall journey, Magneto has spoken many powerful quotes. Some of these quotes display great wisdom and insight, much of which is related to her tragic backstory and what she has had to do to survive unimaginable suffering and oppression. While some of his other quotes are more troubling, they can convey the essence of his character, along with how he views mutants, his struggle to survive, and the evolution of his relationship with Charles Xavier.

10 “Humanity has always feared what it does not understand.” (X Men)

Ian McKellen as Magneto in Xmen

Like most compelling villains, there is some truth to Magneto’s worldview. You are right that humans have always feared what they do not understand. That fear is often the root of bigotry and discrimination.

This appointment is an important reminder that X Men The stories serve as a metaphor for discrimination in the real world and are inspired by real life civil rights heroes. Magneto has faced unimaginable hatred as a mutant and as a young Jewish man during the Holocaust. Know that fear brings out the worst in humanity.

9 “You are a God among insects. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” (X2: X-Men United)

Pyro X-Men

When Pyro shows his ability to Magneto, he laments that he can only manipulate fire and not create it. Magneto’s answer that Pyro is a god among insects is a memorable line and shows how easily Magneto can make others follow him.

As Pyro takes notice of his flaws, Magneto tells him to be proud of his gifts and literally calls him god. It makes Pyro feel special and valued in a way that Pyro didn’t feel at Charles Xavier’s school. It’s no wonder Pyro becomes one of Magneto’s loyal fans.

8 “I have been marked once, my dear, and let me assure you that no needle will ever touch my skin again.” (X-Men: The Final Decision)

X-Men Callisto

When Callisto asks why Magneto doesn’t have a visible mark to show his pride in being a mutant, he reveals the Nazi concentration camp serial number tattooed on his arm and emphasizes that he will never let anyone mark it again.

It is important to acknowledge the traumatic experiences Magneto experienced as a child during the Holocaust and how this influences his fear of what humanity will do with mutants. Magneto will never again allow another person to mark his skin or control his destiny because they fear him for being different.

7 “You want society to accept you, but you can’t even accept yourself.” (X Men First generation)

Mystique - First Class

Magneto understands that self-acceptance is more important than being accepted by society. Help Raven / Mystique to be proud of her mutant identity instead of hiding so she can better integrate into human society.

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Seeing Mystique for who she is rather than what she’s “supposed to be” not only helps her achieve self-acceptance, but also makes her feel seen by Magneto in a way that others don’t. This is the foundation of the meaningful connection and relationship that Magneto and Mystique share with each other.

6 “Peace was never an option.” (X Men First generation)

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class

Charles warns Magneto that killing Sebastian Shaw will not bring him peace. What Charles doesn’t understand is that Magneto doesn’t seek inner peace at all.

Although they have forged a meaningful friendship, based on mutual respect and admiration, they ultimately have distinctly different views on justice and violence. Charles is an idealistic optimist, while Magneto is a pragmatic cynic, and this scene perfectly captures that juxtaposition.

5 “I agree with every word you said. We are the future. But … Unfortunately, you killed my mother. This is what we’re going to do. I’m going to count to three, and I’m going to Flip the coin. One. Two. Three “. (X Men First generation)

Shaw’s death is a dark and brutal moment. After being one of the “good guys” for much of X Men First generationIt is disconcerting to see Magneto explicitly state that he agrees with the views of Shaw, a villain who is trying to start World War III and unleash massive death and destruction.

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Normally it would be cruel to see Magneto antagonize the frozen Shaw and kill him by shoving the coin across his forehead. Instead, it feels good to see the Nazi mutant who killed Magneto’s mother murdered with the same coin that he tried to get Magneto to raise all those years ago. Michael Fassbender’s delivery in this scene is absolutely chilling and makes this an unforgettable moment.

4 “I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.” (X Men First generation)

Magneto has experienced firsthand the horrible crimes that humans are capable of carrying out in the name of simply following orders. As a child, he was unable to take his fate into his own hands and save his loved ones.

Those who simply followed orders never showed him mercy, so now he has no reason to show them mercy. The use of the phrase “Never again” makes the quote even more powerful, as the phrase is associated with ensuring that the Holocaust never happens again.

3 “It’s going to take the two of us, side by side, at a time when we couldn’t be further apart.” (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Ian McKellen as Magneto / Erik Lensherr in X-Men Days of Future Past

Magneto knows that when Logan’s consciousness returns to the past, he will need the help of young Charles Xavier and Magneto to make things right. Older and wiser Magneto recognizes the flaws of his younger self and knows how deeply divided he and Charles are right now.

The 2023 Magneto finally has hope, something Charles struggled to instill in him for years. He is hopeful that Logan can put together the 1973 versions of Charles and Magneto to undo the costly mistakes of the past and change the fate of all mutants for the better. This shows tremendous character growth as he and Charles need to work together in the present and the past instead of fighting each other.

two “Today was meant to be a display of your power. Instead, I give you a glimpse of the devastation my race can unleash on yours.” (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

X-Men Days of Future Past - Magneto (6)

Magneto never beats around the bush. With the whole world watching, he manipulate sentries to target humans, literally pulls out the metal bunker under the White House and disarms the Secret Service, seemingly confirming humanity’s worst fears.

It turns their sense of strength and security against them, making them feel powerless in the face of powers they neither possess nor understand. It’s an impressive and intimidating display of power that is made even more potent by emphasizing that this is just a glimpse of what he and other mutants can do.

1 “All those wasted years fighting each other, Charles. To win back a few.” (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Ian McKellen Magneto in X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past shows Magneto and Charles Xavier on the same side in the future. United in their fight to save the mutants from extinction, they can finally find common ground again.

In what they think might be their last moments together, Magneto articulates how worthless their years of conflict were and the gratitude he feels for having a few years of old friends reunited and working together again. It is a beautiful and moving moment shared between the two characters.

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