American Dragon: Jake Long was an American cartoon series created for the Disney Channel in the mid-2000s. The show revolved around the headline Jake Long, who could transform into a dragon, thanks to his family bloodline, and is tasked with protecting the line between the magical world and the mundane world. especially from the clutches of the evil Huntsclan.

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The series featured an interesting cast of supporting characters, from Spud and Trixie, Jake’s human friends who finally discover his secret, and Rose, Jake’s love interest and the villainous Huntsgirl alter ego. The cartoon was known for its drastic change in art style between the two seasons.

10 In “Dragon Breath”, Jake dates a friendly succubus

American Dragon Jake Long Jasmine

Jake tells his crush Rose that he has a date for an upcoming dance. Looking at the wizarding world, Jake asks out a beautiful girl who turns out to be a nix. Ignoring his warning to leave with a special curfew, he enters his full powers and tries to steal everyone’s souls.

This is also the episode featuring Magus Bazaar, a supernatural marketplace that would appear throughout the series. Spud and Trixie swapping bodies at the end was pretty fun too.

9 In “The Long Weekend”, Jake and his friends visit New Jersey

American Dragon Jake Long Jersey Devil

Jake and his friends go camping in New Jersey. As Jake deals with his awkward father who embarrasses him, some fairies enlist his help against the Jersey Devil. Meanwhile, Jake’s mother and sister end up having to escape from a prison-like training ground after missing a bus to a spa.

In the end, Jake’s father stops the Jersey demon and is hailed as a hero by the fairy peoples of New Jersey. It’s also interesting to see that New Jersey and its local folklore are depicted in a Disney cartoon.

8 In “Eye Of The Beholder”, Jake meets Monty Hall

American Dragon Wizard Jake Long

An evil wizard is organizing a beauty pageant for supernatural creatures. Jake and his gang try to infiltrate the contest, but their mole, an attractive spider woman, is injured at the last second. Fu Dog is forced to take her place at the last second. Along the way, it turns out that the evil wizard needs to marry the most beautiful creature to increase his dark powers.

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Fu Dog wins, but the other contestants rescue him. In the end, everyone learns a good lesson about respecting women.

7 In “Bring It On”, the gorgons try to take over the world with cheerleaders

American Dragon Jake Long Gorgons

One of Medusa’s sisters comes back to life and plans to revive her sisters in an evil plot involving the school’s cheerleaders. To stop her, Trixie has to infiltrate the squad.

Eventually, Trixie realizes that the way to stop the gorgons is to turn them against each other. All you have to do is remind them that Medusa is the only one anyone has ever heard of and that the three of them take each other for heroes.

6 In “Supernatural Tuesday”, Jake meets a British boy wizard

American Dragon Jake Long Nigel

Jake becomes a rival to a British boy wizard named Nigel and the two run for president of the student body. Jake tries to gain an advantage by wearing a mind-reading helmet that allows him to take advantage of what the student body really wants. Unfortunately, he provokes a vengeful ogre against the school.

In the end, Nigel and Jake team up to save the day and it’s good to see that Jake finally gets a helping hand from the wizarding community. Meanwhile, Spud and Trixie end up being co-chairs while trying to cover for Jake. It’s a happy ending for everyone.

5 In “Shaggy Frog”, Spud turns into a teenage wolf (but with frogs)

American Dragon Jake Long Shaggy Frog

Spud begins to feel worthless and wants to be special like Jake and his wish is granted when he is bitten by a magical frog, transforming him into a frogman. With his new abilities, such as his jumping skills and vocal tricks, he soon becomes popular at school, but soon becomes the target of the Huntsclan.

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In the end, Spud must take an antidote to get back to normal, but Spud discovers that he can be a hero simply by being himself. Furthermore, with him singing his own theme song during the credits, the series shows that there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

4 In “Game On”, Jake makes a video game out of his life

American Dragon Jake Long Game On

While running an errand for three witches, Jake comes across a magical artifact that essentially functions as a real-life video game controller, allowing him to increase his power, strength, intelligence, or even charm when he needs it.

Eventually, it all turns out to be a lesson in how you can’t really cheat in life to get the things you want, but with all the magical world asking Jake, it’s good to see him have a break for once in the world. series, even a short one. And a lot of people would like to experience a video game if they had the chance.

3 In “The Mermaid Says”, Jake learns not to judge by appearances

American Dragon Jake Long Dannika

Jake enters a bachelor auction at his school and finds himself in the middle of two girls: the lovely Danika and the geeky Vicky. Eventually, the cast realizes that a mermaid has infiltrated the contest and the characters assume that it is Danika. Not only does Vicky turn out to be the real mermaid, and the one who is grooming Danika, Trixie has to face her and the boys she cast a spell before the spell is broken.

Ultimately, it is a good lesson not to judge by appearances. And for research on mermaids: they can look like all kinds of things, from bird monsters to fish creatures. And even there used to be male mermaids in the oldest stories.

two In “Dreamscape”, Rose discovers she has a family

American Dragon Jake Long Dreamscape

Jake and Rose come up with a secret way to maintain their relationship without anyone knowing: they meet in their dreams using magic. Jake decides to exploit this magic to obtain answers to a test to outwit the scheming Rotwood. Unfortunately, he accidentally unleashes an evil chimera that attacks people in his dreams.

Rose helps fight the chimera and, while in the dream world, learns that she has a twin sister, her parents are still alive, and that Huntsclan stole her as a baby as they raised her to believe she was an orphan. .

1 In “Homecoming”, both Jake and Rose must sacrifice for each other.

American Dragon Jake Long Homecoming

Jake and Rose become the king and queen of their school for the homecoming dance. Unfortunately, the Huntsclan have discovered Rose’s connection to the American Dragon and are forced to use magic to destroy the Huntsclan, even sacrificing themselves. Fortunately, Jake is able to save her at the last second by warping reality so that she is never separated from her real parents to begin with. While the ending ensures that he is safe, he has lost all memory of him, at least for the moment.

It’s a good lesson that true love comes from sacrifice. Eventually Rose would meet Jake in Hong Kong, but it remains a moving part of her story. The one thing that probably would have appeased fans more was if what happened to Rose’s sister was mentioned, even if it was supposedly being saved for another undone season.

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