For most of the 1990s, Julia Roberts was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She received her first Oscar nomination for her role as doomed girlfriend Shelby in 1989. Steel magnolias. It was Vivian Ward’s role in Beautiful woman, even if, That made her a Hollywood icon.

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Roberts finally won the Oscar in 2001 for playing Erin Brockovich in the film of the same name. He continued to enjoy success in different genres, eventually conquering television and streaming as well. To this day, audiences still associate Roberts with Vivian Ward. However, her resume is wide and varied, and many other roles could easily claim the title of being the best in her respected career.

10 Vivian is better: more than just a pretty face

When Beautiful woman Released in 1990, critics greeted it with divisive reception. Weekly entertainmentOwen Gleiberman infamously criticized the film, focusing much of his review on the appearance of Julia Roberts and that “she is not beautiful like movie stars are.” Other critics called the film shallow, ugly and obsessed with appearances and status.

And yet the film remains popular with audiences, in large part due to Roberts’ winning performance. The actress is luminous on screen, showing off that bright and infectious million dollar smile. Beautiful woman It can be somewhat troublesome, but Roberts’s charm is more than enough to help the film overcome its flaws.

9 Elizabeth Gilbert is better: raising the material

And speaking of elevating the material, Roberts does it again in the 2010 film. Eat Pray Love, Based on the 2006 memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. Roberts plays Gilbert, a recently divorced woman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery around the world.

Directed by Ryan Murphy, Eat Pray Love does little to include the emotional depth of the source material. Instead, he chooses to focus on the more superficial parts of Gilbert’s journey, ultimately detrimental to the film. Still, Roberts shines through the mess, delivering an irresistible performance filled with warmth and empathy.

8 Vivian is better: a timeless classic

Thirty-one years after its premiere, Beautiful woman it still holds a special place in pop culture. There are many things that today’s audiences would change about the story, but that doesn’t make the movie any less popular.

For a moment, Beautiful woman he enjoyed a state of “guilty pleasure.” These days, however, audiences are willing to reclaim the film’s legacy, accepting it for what it is, flaws and all. The film perfectly captures a specific moment in American culture where success meant money and status. And while those concepts are outdated by today’s standards, the movie is still a relic of a bygone time.

7 Anna Scott is better: a timeless star

Notting hill it often goes unnoticed when discussing Julia Roberts’ filmography. It’s easy to forget that the film was both a critical triumph and a huge box office success. However, it is not as recognizable as Roberts. Beautiful woman or Hugh Grant Four Weddings and a Funeral, and that’s a shame.

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Roberts plays Anna Scott, a world-famous actress who falls in love with the owner of a small bookstore. The story oozes charm and intimacy, and Roberts and Grant share a chemistry that is both smooth and electric. Notting hill she often repeats how great Anna Scott is and how timeless she is. If it were any other actress, the public might react skeptically. But when it comes to Julia Roberts, there’s no denying it.

6 Vivian Is Best: Becoming A-Lister

Despite already having a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination to her name, Julia Roberts was still not a Hollywood star in 1990. The release of Beautiful woman changed that. The film was a huge box office success and propelled Roberts to instant A-List status.

He won a second Golden Globe and received another Oscar nomination, establishing himself as a star with commercial and critical appeal. For the rest of the decade, Roberts cemented her place as the leading lady in Hollywood, eventually becoming the highest paid actress in the business.

5 Julianne Potter is Better: An Offbeat Romantic Lead

In the mid-1990s, Roberts’ career collapsed. Movies like 1995 Something to talk about and from 1996 Mary Reilly They were critical and commercial disappointments. Success returned to his doorstep thanks to the 1997 romantic comedy My best friend’s Wedding.

Roberts plays Julianne Potter, a food critic who, after realizing that she is in love with her best friend, does everything she can to prevent her from getting married. The role is atypical for a romantic comedy leader, and audiences welcomed the change. Julianne is energetic and selfish, but she’s still charming and personable. My best friend’s Wedding It was a subversive twist on a well-known genre that proved Roberts was still a star like no other.

4 Vivian is better: consolidating a genre

The romantic comedy genre is as old as Hollywood itself. Movies like The history of Philadelphia, Holidays in Rome, Y Adam’s Rib they are excellent examples of the genre in classic Hollywood. Romantic comedy suffered a decline during the 1970s and early 1980s. It came back and peaked in terms of quality and relevance in the late eighties and early nineties.

Movies like Lunatic, When harry met sally, Insomnia in Seattle, and of course, Beautiful woman revitalized the genre, making it relevant once again. Roberts became the de facto queen of the genre, a title she shared with Meg Ryan for most of the 1990s.

3 Erin Brockovich is better: Oscar!

After two nominations, Roberts finally won her Oscar for playing Erin Brockovich in the Steven Soderbergh biopic of the same name. The film tells the true story of the main character, who successfully fought the PG&E conglomerate for his role in the Hinkley water pollution incident.

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The film was not only critically acclaimed, but also a commercial success. With Erin brockovichRoberts received the best reviews of his career. She is the heart and soul of the story, she appears in almost every scene in the movie and dominates every moment. His presence looms large, authoritative and effervescent, conveying each line with fiery conviction.

two Vivian is better: an instant icon

Vivian Ward is an undeniable film icon. From the moment he first appears, with his wild red hair and thigh-high black boots, he becomes an indelible part of film history. Beautiful woman it’s filled with memorable moments, from Vivian laughing before soaking in a bubble bath, to her makeover to the tune of Ray Orbison’s classic “Oh, Pretty Woman,” to her night at the opera in that unforgettable red dress.

From start to finish, it’s Roberts’s incandescence that drives Vivian. The irresistible charm of the actress creates a sweet and charming character that it is impossible not to like. And even with the movies’ flaws and outdated ideas, fans still love watching Vivian scold those snooty saleswomen.

1 Barbara Weston is better: a tour de force

The cast for August: Osage County, including Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Ewan McGregor.

It’s not easy to go head-to-head with an acting giant like Meryl Streep. Yet Roberts does and makes it seem effortless in the family drama. August: Osage County. The film tells the story of a dysfunctional family, led by an unstable and drug-addicted mother, who gathers for the patriarch’s funeral.

Roberts plays the eldest daughter, Barbara, a bitter woman who tires of her family’s antics. The movie has so much acting that it threatens to overwhelm, but Streep and Roberts stand their ground in the rubble. The film’s pivotal dinner scene, in which both actresses get their moment to shine, is an acting tour de force and the perfect example of the heights Roberts can achieve with the right role.

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