Liz works at Ed’s favorite restaurant, so they see each other regularly. Now, she’s exclusively revealing why he first put her off.

Liz from 90 days: the single life has revealed some interesting details about why she avoided talking to Big Ed, explaining the real reason she was upset with him to Screen Rant in an exclusive interview. Turns out it has a lot to do with Ed’s fame and public image. After a failed relationship with Rosemarie Vega, Ed began to pursue Liz on 90 days: the single life. She is a hardworking manager who works at her favorite restaurant. His experience is quite interesting, especially since he has never had time to see any 90 day fiancé shows and yet it coincidentally ended up in a spin-off.

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The 28-year-old single mother has been married and divorced twice before. Liz shares a friendly relationship with her first husband, but the same cannot be said for her second husband. He cheated on her multiple times, which left a hole filled with trust issues in her heart. Liz wants to take it easy with Ed because she doesn’t want to be vulnerable again and get hurt. That’s probably the biggest reason why he was on guard with Ed for a long time.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Liz revealed why she first avoided her on-screen boyfriend when she first met him. Since Liz works at Ed’s favorite restaurant, it was inevitable that the two would see each other regularly. Liz said: “He was a regular about 4 times a week. I was doing 10 hour shifts and he would see my daughter come work with me during a pandemic.. “Liz revealed her first conversation with Ed. He asked her why she was always working so hard. She avoided talking to him because he was quite a popular character. 90 day fiancé celebrity and had a new girl with him every time.

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He also revealed that it was very upsetting to deal with Ed, mainly due to his fame. She said, “In fact, he was really upset at first, because it made my job more difficult to force people to wear his masks who came to take photos with him during a pandemic.. “Her annoyance is understandable, considering the fact that she also had her young daughter at work with her amid the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time, Liz didn’t think she would pursue Ed romantically. Fast forward to a few months, and the two of you are really trying to build a relationship. In fact, their relationship is more or less official after spending a night together. Liz has also posted some love photos with Ed from her co-worker’s wedding. It suggests that she is taking her relationship with him seriously, contrary to what some 90 days: single life viewers believe!

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