Gotham PD showrunner Joe Barton says his Batman spinoff series on HBO Max will look nothing like Fox’s Gotham.

Gotham Police DepartmentThe new showrunner promised that the next HBO Max series won’t just be a Fox remake. Gotham.

Fans have reached out to Joe Barton on Twitter to ask about the upcoming spinoff series that will serve as a Matt Reeves prequel. The batman. One user asked how different the new program will be from Gotham, which addressed a similar story. According to Barton, his program will be “very different.”

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Barton didn’t go into more detail about the differences between the two shows, but when another user responded to the first reply, Barton noted that “I wouldn’t be that interested in redoing a show that ended like 5 minutes ago.”

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Gotham ran on Fox for five seasons between 2014 and 2019 and followed James Gordan’s rise through the ranks of Gotham PD, while also highlighting the origins of many of Batman’s villains. It also saw Bruce Wayne turn into Batman, as the show began with the murder of his parents and ended with him wearing the cape and hood. Meanwhile, the new series is said to be like a prequel to the Year one comic, which followed Bruce Wayne’s first year as Batman. As such, it is difficult to see where the programs will deviate.

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One thing to consider is that while both shows will likely follow a similar path, the HBO Max series is likely to be much darker. Gotham It started out as a grim and harsh look at police corruption in comic book town before leaning heavily into the cheesiest sides of Batman’s story and exploring the hero’s eccentric rogues gallery. The creators of Gotham He even said that the new show will probably end up being the show they wanted to do.

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While reports initially claimed Gotham Police Department would adapt the Gotham central Comedian, co-creator Ed Brubaker recently claimed that was not the case. Instead, the show will focus on James Gordon before Batman protected Gotham. As noted, this is essentially the plot of Gotham, which means that the new program will have to work hard to differentiate itself.

One of the benefits that the new program will have is its connection with The batman, which could see crossovers of movie actors and characters and can help set up a new universe in the tone of Reeves’ movie. For now, little is known about what the show will look like or how it will stand out from previous attempts to tell a similar story.

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