Kanye West is reportedly ‘upset’ that people think Kim Kardashian made the decision to divorce him when in fact it was the other way around.

It’s been two months since Kim Kardashian took the first step to officially dissolve her marriage to Kanye West, and now, the rapper is clarifying who initiated the split. While the keeping up with the Kardashians Star was the one who had her lawyer file the divorce papers, Kanye is reportedly the one who was ready to end the marriage. Sources say the rap and fashion mogul is “upset” that people think Kim left him because it was actually the other way around.

Things between Kim and Kanye have not been going well since their divorce became known. In the months leading up to their separation, the two were already living separate lives with Kanye living in Wyoming, while Kim remained in Calabasas with their four children. After his divorce attorney Laura Wasser filed for divorce in February, insiders revealed how Kanye changed his phone numbers and only allowed the KKW Beauty founder to contact him through his security. Sources have also shared how hard Kim tried to make the marriage work and even filed for divorce in hopes that Kanye would change and fight to get her back. Most recently, sources for the Yeezy founder say he’s interested in dating an artist so that “they can speak the same language together.

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If that wasn’t enough for fans to know how much Kanye is for his ex-wife, new reports reveal rapper “Power”wanted out “ of their marriage before Kim. An informant said Page six that the billionaire tycoon is “Super annoying because the story is constantly presented as if she is divorcing him.” Although Kim made the decision to end her marriage of nearly seven years, sources noted that “huge spinning machine “ the Kardashian family published in the media. “In fact, he was saying for a year that they had nothing in common except the children and that he wanted to go out.”The source explained. “She did everything she could to try to save the marriage. “

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West keep up with the Kardashians

The rapper is said to have let the founder of SKIMS “file first to give it dignity, “ the insider claimed. “Even before Kim filed for divorce, Kanye changed his numbers and said, ‘You can contact me through my security.’”Added the source. It seems that Kim only filed for divorce after Kanye continued to turn his back on her. If fans can remember, the pair were rarely seen together after Kanye launched his election campaign last year. Insiders say Kim re-linked with her divorce attorney last July. It was after Kanye criticized his wife and mother-in-law on Twitter.

Looking at the details, it seems that the marriage was coming to an end and Kim was hoping to save it. However, Kanye had other plans. Since the introduction, Kanye has focused on his upcoming Yeezy x Gap collaboration. Kim recently enjoyed a weekend in Miami with her friends. But the outing came after insiders revealed Kanye’s hopes of dating an artist.

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