Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn are ready to star.


Long live the Queen! For The Hollywood Reporter, Olivia colman is in negotiations to join the cast of the upcoming Marvel Disney + series Secret invasion. This would be the first Marvel role for the Oscar-winning actress.

The series is based on the writer’s beloved 2008 comic book event. Brian Michael Bendis and artist Leinil Francis Yu, which revealed that several notable superheroes from the comics had been replaced by Skrulls, the shapeshifting aliens introduced in Captain Marvel. The show may deviate a bit from that plot, as Captain Marvel It casts out the Skrulls as sympathetic refugees rather than nefarious intruders, but it still has the potential to change everything we think we know about the MCU.

Ben Mendelsohn Talos Captain Marvel

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Colman joins Samuel L. Jackson, reprising his MCU role as Nick Fury, and Ben mendelsohn, repeating his Captain Marvel paper like Talos. One night in Miami revelation star Kingsley ben-adir was recently announced as an as-yet unnamed villain. It’s unclear what role Colman would play, but given what we know about the show’s plot, it can’t be ruled out that she (and the rest of the cast) might not ultimately be who we think she is.

Built on the model of Marvel’s current Disney + hit, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Secret invasion It will be broadcast in six installments of 40 to 50 minutes. As president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige He told us in January, the longest form of a limited series will cause the entire show to simmer in the political paranoia of its premise. Writer and producer Kyle bradstreet fits that tone perfectly, as he previously served as producer on the tense cyber thriller Mr robot.

Colman is a hot commodity right now. She is currently nominated for her second Academy Award this year for her role in The father, having previously won the Best Actress award for her leading role in 2019 The favorite. She was recently announced as the star of Sam mendes‘next Empire of light. Of course, she is no stranger to television, having won BAFTA awards for her work on Two thousand and twelve, Accused Y Wide churchand a Golden Globe for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The crown.

Secret invasion It will be released exclusively on Disney +, although it is not yet known when we might expect it. Stay tuned to Collider for more details.

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