Fenris, the giant wolf seen in Thor: Ragnarok, has just been released in the comics, and his deadly hunt could turn Loki and Valkyrie into prey.

Warning: Contains a preview of The Mighty Valkyries # 1!

In a new Marvel Comics preview, Hela’s massive wolf Fenris, familiar to MCU fans from Thor: Ragnarok has been released in the Ten Kingdoms. In new series The mighty Valkyries, the Goddess of Death Hela has finally returned to her realm, only to find that things are not as they should be. Top of the list of problems is that Fenris has escaped and appears to be chasing after Loki.

Hela’s Great Wolf is based on the monstrous Fenrir wolf from Norse mythology, who is destined to kill Father Odin when the day of Ragnarok arrives. Interestingly, he is also Loki’s son. However, in the Marvel Universe, Fenris prowls the kingdom of Hel and exists as a monstrous wolf typically under the command of the Goddess of Death. But Hela’s recent attempt to resurrect Thanos resulted in her being trapped inside a black hole, one that she has only now been able to break free from.

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Now, Hela’s return to her kingdom in the preview of The mighty Valkyries # 1 from writers Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk to artists Mattia De Iulis and Erica D’Urso is not the kind of grand welcome a queen might expect. Not only is her dangerously powerful wolf nowhere to be found, but Hela’s wife Karnilla has also disappeared, leaving her determined to claim the beast and intent on finding his wife. Enjoy the Marvel Comics synopsis and preview pages:

JANE FOSTER HAS A NEW BEGINNING – AND ALLIES BOTH NEW AND OLD! Jane Foster believed she was the only Valkyrie left, but the fight against Knull, the King in Black, proved her wrong. Now the Valkyries must redefine their roles in a changing world, and Asgard won’t make it easy for them. When Loki approaches Jane with rumors that a beast stalks the souls of Midgard, she springs into action, but she is not the only one behind the strange hide of the wolf. You will need reinforcements … but your old co-worker has other priorities. Years ago, the warrior made a promise to a woman she loved. And now is the time to move on. Get the true story behind the newest star in the Marvel Universe, and don’t miss the start of an epic new adventure from the mighty Jason Aaron, Torunn Grønbekk, and Mattia de Iulis!

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Not only does it appear that Fenris has found herself in Midgard, but Hela seems to be afraid of what she might do. After all, he is known as the Eater of Worlds. While the Hulk could have faced Fenris in Thor: RagnarokIt seems like Fenris will have a lot more power at his disposal that is more in line with actual Norse myths. A beast destined to kill and eat Odin is certainly a beast worth monitoring and keeping contained, not to be released to prowl the entire Ten Kingdoms. It looks like Loki’s Valkyrie and Jane Foster will be on the trail of Hela’s wolf, hopefully with some plan other than to return him to one of Thor’s most persistent foes.

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In the meantime, it appears that the recently liberated Valkyrie of the ancient era will try to find her place in the current Marvel Universe, and a part of that will seek answers that she has long forgotten, such as her own name. based on Thor: RagnarokValkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, this character is a new addition to comics reality freed from an old prison by the events of King in Black, and this new series promises to share her backstory and give her her true purpose as a hero. But while she may be on her own mission for now, the mysterious triplets in the preview and Fenris’ great threat mean it won’t be long until I drag her into Loki and Jane Foster’s adventure when The mighty Valkyries # 1 It will hit stores April 21.

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