Junji Ito is a master when it comes to the horror genre, and his works are legendary for their hauntingly creative concepts. Compared to other creators of the horror genre, he also shows considerable restraint on certain topics.

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While he knows when to finish a story before it overdoes its welcome – some end prematurely – he also knows how to build an immersive world that doesn’t spoon-feed readers and end stories without closure. Among its various stories, there are ten in desperate need of sequels. As the stories will be discussed in depth, watch out for spoilers.

10 Gyo has potential for a post-apocalyptic sequel

junji ito gyo tadashi looks on in shock

Gyo has one of the most abnormal concepts of Ito. It features zombified sea creatures in walking machines that assault cities and gas that mutates and controls humans. It ends on a grim note, with society falling apart as gas spreads across the world, and bodies are piled up and hooked on treadmills.

However, the survivors are shown to be resisting and developing a way to defend themselves. The battle against the remnants of humanity and sentient gas is a morbidly tempting notion with no clear winner.

9 Smashed could explore the tree’s rich history

Junji Ito crushes the body while his friends taste the nectar

Within the jungles of South America, there is a monstrous tree with addictive nectar so delicious that it makes all other foods taste terrible in comparison. If the tree detects someone drinking the nectar, it crushes them no matter where they are.

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It all starts because Sugio’s friend brings home a jar that he brought from the jungle natives. It would be interesting to get a prequel that follows the tribesmen who learn to live close to the creature. How a tribe managed to survive decades is a mystery worth exploring.

8 The licking woman’s tongue is still loose

Junji Ito The Licking Woman Confronts Miku

As the title suggests, The woman licking is about the licking woman of the same name who attacks and fatally licks people. She dies after being tricked into licking cyanide, and she tears out her tongue, which apparently has a mind of its own as it bounces off to kill others.

This makes it unclear if the Licking Woman lives on the tongue or if it was the tongue that controlled her. A prequel could shed some light on how this creature came to be, or a sequel could follow the tongue, although the easiest method of stopping it could be by gluing it to a frozen post.

7 The blood bubble bushes need to solve the fate of Ansai and Kana

junji ito blood bubble bushes growing from kana

Blood bubble bushes focuses on Ansai and Kana, a couple who discover an abandoned village where a man with Renfield’s syndrome grows fruits filled with the villagers’ blood that it mummifies. The pair escape as blood bubbles burst, but the story ends with Kana eating one of her bubbles.

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By doing so, she saves herself, but it is implied that she will develop an insatiable lust for blood. It ends on a shocking note, but it doesn’t offer a solution for her and Ansai. A sequel could explore whether Ansai is willing to kill, kidnap, and grow blood bubbles for her sake or whether Kana used him to produce blood bubbles.

6 Layers of fear could follow the curse that affects other families

junji ito layers of fear narumi looking for skulls

Layers of fear It’s about Reimi’s family discovering that her body is made up of multiple layers of skin. Her caring mother tries to find Reimi’s younger self by stripping her body only to find her deformed body and mutilates herself trying to peel herself.

Reimi’s sister Narumi believes this condition is due to a curse caused by her archaeologist father, who found a baby skull. Narumi tries to give the skull a proper burial, but it disappeared years ago. An appropriate sequel could follow Narumi in search of other skull-cursed families.

5 The chat room should show what happens to Hashimoto

junji ito the chat room escapes by hashimoto

After being in a car accident, Hashimoto is admitted to a ward with four unusually synchronized women who refuse to separate or eat. He later discovers that they are connected by invisible tentacles and controlled by a host through a hive mind. Hashimoto manages to sever the tentacles of a girl and kills her before being assimilated, but the creature taunts her, claiming that one day it will kill her.

It’s a gripping story, but it doesn’t offer a resolution as to what will become of Hashimoto and the creature. It could attempt to expose and kill the creature or attempt to escape and be pursued as the creature’s range expands.

4 The splendid song of the shadows can still be studied

junji ito splendid song of shadows suffering girl

In “Splendid Shadow Song”, Yu Kanade is a successful musician driven crazy by the songs of her dead boyfriend etched into his head and embeds his songs on anyone who listens to his music. Dr. Shaku tries to cure her, but the procedure fails and the song comes out of his head.

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Yu dies and another girl becomes infected with the song, whom Shaku intends to study next. As unsettling as this story is, it doesn’t address what happens to the hundreds of people plagued by Yu’s music. A sequel could cover the measures being taken to prevent the song from infecting others and how it could spread.

3 The long dream is only beginning

junji ito long dream final panel

Anyone seeking to cure their fear of death must give The long dream a reading. The story centers on a doctor who observes a patient who experiences decades-long dreams that grow exponentially each day.

Upon ending with the patient disintegrating after living an eternal dream and leaving crystals behind, the doctor proves another patient that he fears death. A sequel could explore the extent to which humanity will escape the harshness of reality and whether it is to force people into these eternal dreams. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

two Army Of One leaves too many questions unanswered

junji ito billions of lonely humans stitched together

Army of one focuses on a phenomenon in which stitched-up corpses of people last seen socializing in large groups are found. The mysterious group called Army of One has been accused of hijacking radio waves and dropping flyers by plane.

People shut themselves up inside, distancing themselves from everyone, and the story ends prematurely when the protagonist discovers her crush, Natsuko, sewing up his parents and their dog. As chilling as it is, there needs to be a sequel because the government is unlikely to stop the entire organization by stopping one of its planes. One thing is for sure. This story certainly knows how to charm readers.

1 Uzumaki has no beginning and no end

Uzumaki Follow a small town under the influence of a spiral entity that drives people crazy and turns them into monstrosities. Ultimately, the protagonists discover a realm of spirals deep underground, suggesting that the entity has done this for millennia and will continue to do so.

If this story really is like a spiral, then there are endless possibilities for prequels or sequels. Whether it revolves around the story of the Spiral or the future in which the activities of the spiral will not go unnoticed, it almost seems inevitable because, like a spiral, this story has no predictable beginning or end in sight.

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