There is so much product placement in movies, and it doesn’t always have to be very obvious, as many viewers don’t even notice. However, whether it’s dazzlingly obvious or completely subtle, it’s always there, as backers make up a huge chunk of the film’s budget.

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The best type of product placement is not when a character drinks from a bottle with the brand logo in front of the camera, but rather when they are somehow incorporated into the scene. Whether it’s being self-aware and incorporating product placement into the narrative, making the product the star of the movie, or being so secretive about it that it’s almost like a game trying to spot the product, these are the cleverest uses of the product. product. placement.

10 Wayne’s World (1992)

Wayne's world

What Wayne’s world features one of the best pizza scenes in a movie, it wasn’t without getting paid a penny to promote Pizza Hut. In one of the funniest scenes in the movie, Wayne breaks the fourth wall when he refuses to sell himself by promoting brands on the show, then holds up a pizza with the Pizza Hut box on full display.

But it does not end there, as he says himself, “the beast does not include selling”, while eating crunchy Doritos and drinking Pepsi.

9 Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Oreobot in Transformers: Age of Extinction

Everyone has their own favorite transformer, be it the cute and silent Bumblebee or the leader of the pack Optimus Prime, but it’s doubtful that anyone’s favorite is Oreobot. The Michael Bay movies deviated from the original canon in many ways, and that includes transformers in the form of product placement as well.

Although it might annoy some fans, it is one of the most ingenious ways to try to make viewers crave Oreos rather than just having one character eat them.

8 Skyfall (2012)

After MGM went bankrupt, the future of James Bond actually seemed to be in disarray. However, it came back bigger than ever with raising a billion dollars. Skyfall. And what made the development of the film possible was Heineken.

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Heineken spent about $ 40 million Appearing in the movie, and what makes her so smart, or annoying to some die-hard 007 fans, is because viewers were expecting him to order a martini, shaken, not stirred. But instead, the super spy ordered a nice cold bottle of beer, just before falling into a pit of Komodo dragons.

7 Back to the Future II (1989)

Nike Air Mag and Hover Board from Back to the Future II

Pizza Hut loves a product or two placement as not only is the fast food chain promoted in Wayne’s world, but the second Return to the future movie too. However, while it may not be as good as fans remember, there are even more creative uses for product placement.

When Marty first lands in the future, he gets a pair of Nike shoes that light up and lace up on their own. The shoe actually became a reality back in the 2010s, as Nike finally had the technology to make them.

6 The Italian Job (1969)

Mini coopers at work Italian

On Italian work, the red, white and blue Mini Coopers are arguably the main characters as much as Charlie Croker is. Although the British car company got off to a good start in terms of popularity, the movie changed everything for the car company.

After the release of Italian work, everyone was buying Mini Coopers, so it was worth the 14 Minis that were destroyed during the film’s production.

5 Bullitt (1968)


Like Italian work, it’s the Ford Mustang that is the real star of the show, even if icon Steve McQueen is the lead actor. The most famous chase scene in movie history is in Bullitt, which lasts a full ten minutes, as McQueen speeds through the streets of San Francisco in a Mustang GT390, beating a Dodge Charger.

If it wasn’t for the car, Bullitt It probably wouldn’t be as classic as it is, and if it weren’t for the movie, Ford probably wouldn’t have sold thousands of vehicles.

4 The Internship (2013)

For many film critics, the most infuriating thing about The internshipEven more than the jokes and thin plot, it was the way the entire movie was essentially one big commercial for Google. It’s not like Google has to promote itself as it’s one of the biggest companies in the world, and it’s like no one is using Bing or Ask Jeeves, but the whole movie is about two guys competing for a job at the technology company.

Every scene makes Google look like the best company in the world, and considering how it relies on its amazing offices, surely thousands of graduates applied immediately after seeing the movie.

3 Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club StarbFight Club Starbucksucks

By David Fincher Fight club It’s one of the reasons why 1999 was arguably the best year in cinema, as its twisted ending is still one of the most amazing moments in movie history, but the movie is packed with secrets and Easter eggs right from the start. .

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One of those secrets is that there is a Starbucks coffee cup hidden in every scene in the movie. It may not be the best caffeine commercial, though, as the movie is essentially about a guy who starts a terrorist organization after having insomnia.

two Superman II (1980)

Superman fights against Zod in Superman II

When Superman fights General Zod on the street in Superman ii, there’s a Marlboro truck in sight. In fact, it’s the most visually stunning thing about the screen. Since the scene is at night and everything is quite dark, the bright glow of the Marlboro truck sticks out like a sore thumb.

However, when Zod throws Superman into the truck and the hero walks through it, it could read like the movie’s stance on the nasty habit. It may be over the top, but directors love to put secret messages in their movies.

1 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

In addition to the iconic dinner scene that Carly has supposedly been working on for hours, which watches a feast of dominoes, KFC, and Coca-Cola, there is a huge montage of promotions as the credits roll in at the end of the film. Since Ricky Bobby and his best friend Cal are both NASCAR racing champions, they are often paid to promote their sponsors.

The montage hilariously sees Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly improvising their way promoting Pork Rinds, Big Red Gum and others by Bob Dawson. But interestingly, despite being hyped, neither brand paid a penny for it.

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