Although there have been character options in some previous entries, the upcoming Dragon Quest 12 should have a canon female protagonist. This is why.

Over the years, the Dragon quest The series has given fans some truly memorable leads and characters. However, outside of spinoff games and the mainline with character creation options, there has been no canon heroine. The next Dragon Quest 12 You should definitely change this by introducing the series’ first non-optional female lead.

There was a female choice for the hero in both Dragon quest 3 Y 4, but the male versions still appear on the cover, go into games like Smash Bros. Ultimate, and they are often essentially just reskins. In fact, outside of appearances, there are very few differences between the male and female heroes in both games. Spin-offs like Dragon Quest of the Stars Y Dragon Quest Heroes have also allowed female hero options and character creation in DQ 9 Y 10 also has. However, mainline games that don’t offer hero options have always stuck with male leads, and it’s time to change that.

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Depending on who you ask, Dragon quest has received a lot of praise (or criticism) for the way it often sticks to its core elements of the game. This is perhaps also evident in its main heroes, who often appear as generic-looking young men with dark hair. But now what Dragon quest As it approaches its 35th anniversary, a new breed of hero could once again reinvigorate the series and build on D’s most recent successes.ragon Quest XI.

Why a female lead would be great for Dragon Quest 12

Two fairly recent spin-offs, Dragon Quest Heroes 1 Y two, both offered players a glimpse of what a female lead would look like. Aurora in the first game and Teresa in the second, both have more unique appearances than their male counterparts and have their own personalities. Both Aurora and Teresa make arguably more compelling choices than Luceus or Lazarel, as these male leads are portrayed as cocky (and often clumsy) characters, while Aurora and Teresa are quite headstrong and highly intelligent.

So it’s not a question of whether Dragon Quest 12 can be a compelling female lead, as the Heroes spin-offs show that it is possible. Like a revelation for Dragon Quest 12 presumably coming up, a female lead could be a great way to excite longtime fans and appeal to newcomers as well. Dragon quest has developed a reputation for sticking to its proverbial weapons, but offering players a new and unique protagonist could be a huge change for the series as a whole.

Of course, nothing regarding the protagonist to Dragon Quest 12 has yet to be revealed, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out what awaits them in the next entry. However, one thing is clear: Dragon Quest 12 needs a non-optional female lead.

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