As one of the titular characters of Ginny and Georgia, much of the show’s history is dedicated to Ginny and her development. He goes through various phases as he grows up and gets to know his new home in Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Being biracial and in a new environment, she often feels torn between two worlds, which is reflected in her transformation throughout the season.

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Ginny starts out wearing normal clothes and no makeup, but when she joins MANG, she looks more and more like them, starting with her looks. She also adopts his gestures and slogan. Parallel to this story is her transformation to become someone who looks unbelievably like a younger Georgia. Ginny makes terrible decisions, but her classmates treat her badly too. His duality is reflected in everything, including viewers’ reactions to his character.

10 FELT BAD: People ruin her hair

Ginny holds her hair in front of the bathroom mirror at Ginny and Georgia

When Max tries to touch Ginny’s face on their first meeting, Ginny recoils. “Oh sorry,” says Max. “Is that like when white girls touch black girls’ hair?” Ginny is speechless and uncomfortable because Max is someone she just met. Similarly, when girls want matching ponytails in Sophomore Sleepover, Ginny hesitates. “We have to look the same for Insta!” Norah exclaims. Max intervenes: “Don’t be a bitch like Abby in her jeans.”

Ginny succumbs, but her hair doesn’t cooperate. Abby laughs behind her as she runs to the bathroom, where she finds Marcus. He jokes about her hair, to which she replies, “Why is everyone so obsessed with my hair? Worry about your own hair.” Later, Ginny is upset when others judge her for what she does to her hair on Halloween and her birthday, she is never allowed to have full control of her own decisions about her appearance.

9 HATE: She’s rude to Marcus

Ginny and Marcus sit on the bathroom floor at Ginny & Georgia

Even before Ginny meets Marcus, she’s unnecessarily rude to him. The first time they speak, she treats him with hostility. This continues for much of the season; when he shows up at Blue Farm, she asks him what he wants, as if buying coffee is illegal; at the Halloween fair, she is not receptive to his efforts to be nice to her. He is visibly bummed, while his demeanor resembles Max’s.

In fairness, Marcus often shows up uninvited, so her outrage at him climbing out of her bedroom window is justified, even if she cruelly dismisses his declaration of love on one of those occasions, leaving Marcus almost in tears. . However, at Sophomore Sleepover, her firing is unfair. Marcus questions his assumption that people are okay if they live in Wellsbury.

8 FELT BAD: Marcus takes advantage of his emotions

Marcus leans in close to Ginny on Ginny and Georgia

While Ginny can be rude to Marcus, he often takes advantage of her. The first time they meet, he knows she’s new and will do anything to fit in, so he taunts her about the fictional band “Wednesday.” Later, in Max’s room, he intentionally makes her feel uncomfortable, knowing that she will be attracted to him. It embarrasses her and renders her powerless in these initial interactions.

Once their relationship has developed, he climbs through her window in hopes of connecting. After taking the morning after pill for her first time, she is excited and grateful for his attempts to comfort her, until he kisses her and insensibly asks, “You already took Plan B, right? That lasts another day, less”. Distraught, she orders him to leave her room and then begins to cry. She has no idea what she’s doing anymore, as these are new experiences for her, and Marcus just frustrates and annoys her.

7 HATED: She lies to Hunter

Hunter and Ginny in the school hall - Ginny & Georgia

Hunter is just one of the people Ginny is lying to, but he’s probably the most important; he is also the only person who is not lying to her. Although he keeps his relationship with Marcus a secret from everyone, Hunter is the only one he’s cheating on. When Hunter finds out about his relationship with Marcus, he is upset, betrayed, and angry.

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For the most part, he treats Ginny well, much better than Marcus, and he didn’t deserve to be lied to or to be his second choice when Marcus didn’t want a girlfriend. Ginny wears it because having a boyfriend is great, and she often uses Hunter to make Marcus jealous, which is unfair after everything Hunter tries to do for her.

6 FELT BAD: She can’t tell Max about Marcus

Maxine talks through Ginny to Marcus as they walk down the school hallway at Ginny and Georgia

Although lying about her relationship with Marcus may not be the best thing for everyone, Ginny has her reasons for keeping it a secret. For one thing, he’s too afraid of ruining his friendships by telling the truth. This suggests that her new “friends” would not understand her situation, despite the fact that she interacts with Marcus before everyone else.

Later, Marcus tells Max that it’s no wonder Ginny was afraid to tell him about them because she has no limits. Due to Max’s self-absorption, Abby’s cruelty, and Georgia’s tendency to blow things up, Ginny feels lonely, unable to trust anyone without fear that her friends will abandon her.

5 HATE: She’s rude to her mom

Ginny and Georgia look at each other over Ginny's birthday cake

Georgia may not be the best role model for her children, but she does a lot for them, much more than they will ever understand. Ginny is ungrateful and often likes to show her resentment towards Georgia.

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Ginny insults her mother, tries to make her feel guilty, and complains about her to anyone who will listen. Georgia can be very compassionate towards Ginny, and she really wants to know what’s going on with her and why, but Ginny does her best to push Georgia away. It’s unfair of her to treat her mother that way, especially when Ginny herself hasn’t made the best decisions.

4 FELT BAD: In Mr. Gitten’s class

Ginny Miller from Ginny & Georgia sits at her desk in class

Mr. Gitten constantly highlights Ginny, making assumptions about her based on her race. The first time he meets her, he assumes that she won’t be able to keep up with his class, announcing this for the whole class to hear. This is the first impression her classmates have of her, so Ginny feels awkward, embarrassed, and angry, but she’s also new and doesn’t want to cause a scene.

Later, he points her out in front of everyone, assuming that she is the only student in the room who has a problem with a racial slur. Ginny feels totally alone and alienated as her classmates look around in uncomfortable confusion. This time, Max doesn’t come to her defense, so Ginny knows she was never her true friend. The only thing Ginny can do is leave the room, embarrassed to show how Gitten has affected her.

3 HATE: She’s mean to Austin

Austin, Georgia and Ginny examine their new home for the first time at Ginny & Georgia

Ginny should understand what it’s like to be a kid moving around all the time, taking on school bullies and dealing with Georgia’s ever-changing love interests. However, when Austin demands your attention, your first instinct is usually to criticize him.

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As an older sister, it would be nice to see Ginny empathize with him and comfort him. Instead, Austin has to seek comfort outside of his family, which he only finds in Paul’s company. Austin hasn’t done anything wrong, so it’s unfair that she treats him that way.

two FELT BAD: Abby is horrible to her

Abby and ginny talk about therapy at ginny & georgia

Of all the new people Ginny meets, Abby is the cruelest. From the start, Abby makes it clear that she doesn’t want Ginny to be a part of MANG. She is the one who exposes Ginny for stealing in front of her mother, makes frequent rude comments about her, and laughs at her when her hair is manipulated into Sophomore Sleepover.

Things come to a head when Abby slaps Ginny in the Blue Farm. Abby is having a difficult time, but she shouldn’t lash out at Ginny or anyone else. Abby is upset that her friends have not paid attention to her, but Ginny is not the only one responsible. Later, when Abby finds out that Ginny and Marcus have been seeing each other, she’s very excited to expose her and ruin her friendship with Max. Ginny feels Abby unnecessarily attacking her over and over again, never belonging to MANG.

1 HATED: Excluding Samantha

Maxine, Abby, Norah, and Ginny pose for a picture in their Britney Spears costumes at a Halloween party in Ginny and Georgia.

The moment Ginny really becomes part of MANG is when she excludes someone else from her activities. When planning her Halloween costumes, Samantha wants to be included, but the moment she leaves, Ginny turns to her new friends and suggests that they keep it just to themselves.

As the Halloween party approaches, Samantha knows nothing of the costume. Even though she is the one who warns Ginny about how exclusive and toxic MAN can be, Ginny goes behind her back and intentionally leaves her out. She does this deliberately, clearly enjoying her newfound power in the school’s social hierarchy, becoming someone her own mother no longer recognizes.

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