Apple is launching a new color for the iPhone 12: purple. The last purple option is available for the 12 and 12 mini models, with sales starting April 30.

Apple is giving the iPhone 12 an unexpected update for the first half of 2021, with the company announcing a new purple color at its Spring Loaded hardware event on April 20. Apple traditionally doesn’t release new colors for the iPhone after the initial launch, making this a welcome update for anyone who’s been hesitant about finally splurging on Apple’s latest phone.

When the iPhone 12 was released last year, Apple offered it in four colors: blue, green, red, white, and black. They all looked fantastic at the time and will continue to do so in the first half of 2021, but apparently five colors weren’t enough for Apple. Enter the new purple option.

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Apple says the all-new purple “It beautifully accentuates the flat aluminum edges of the iPhone 12, which perfectly matches the precision-milled rear glass.” The overall design of the iPhone 12 is exactly the same, it’s just that it comes in another style for customers to choose from. Apple’s versions of the purple iPhone 12 make it look like a deep, rich color, making it one of the most striking versions of the iPhone that people will be able to buy.

Purple iPhone 12 goes on sale April 30

iPhone 12 and 12 mini in purple

Buyers interested in buying the purple iPhone 12 are in luck. Pre-orders for the color purple begin on Friday, April 23, and official sales begin on April 30. In addition to the regular iPhone 12, Apple also offers purple for the smaller iPhone 12 mini. The purple iPhone costs exactly the same compared to other colors, which means it will start at $ 699 for the iPhone 12 min and $ 799 for the regular iPhone 12.

Apple always does a good job of matching its iPhone colors with matching accessories, and that’s no different with the iPhone 12 in purple. New cases are also released, including a MagSafe leather case and a leather sleeve offered in Deep Violet. For customers wanting a bit of contrast, the Official Silicone Case is now offered in Capri Blue, Pistachio, Cantaloupe, and Amethyst. Finally, the leather wallet is available in a new Arizona style. All of these cases in their new colors are available for purchase starting today.

While it’s a bit disappointing that the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max didn’t get a new color of their own, that doesn’t take away from how good the iPhone 12 looks with its new purple finish. It’s bold, colorful, and a perfect color for wearers to jump into the spring and summer seasons. While Apple is expected to drop the iPhone 13 in late September or October, this is still a fantastic update for anyone in need of an iPhone update right now.

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