There are few anime series that demonstrate the same level of creativity and versatility as that of Hirohiko Araki. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The iconic shonen series has been around for decades, but what it does Jojo Such an interesting anomaly is that he cleverly passes the protagonist’s torch through the Joestar family lineage. This allows JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to not only tell a bigger story, but also turn each new saga into its own contained narrative that can experiment with changes to the formula.

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The sixth great saga in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure it is Stone ocean a story that is unique for various reasons and is about to become much more popular. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can get very complex, but there are some useful details about Stone ocean that any fan should know.

10 Features Jotaro Kujo’s daughter

A very fun element for him JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure The series is about seeing how power and responsibility are passed down through Joestar’s family tree and even allows for opportunities where these characters intermingle. Jotaro Kujo, the leader in Stardust crusaders, is the son of Joseph Joestar, who is the main character of Battle tendency but it still stays. This trend continues in Stone ocean and its protagonist, Jolyne, is the daughter of Jotaro and therefore the granddaughter of Joseph. It’s satisfying that Jolyne has such a direct connection to the original Joestar line after seasons with more tangential ties.

9 It is set between 2011 and 2012, 10 years after Golden Wind

The beginning of a new Jojo The chapter is exciting because there is no set formula for how long it has been since the previous story. Sometimes the next saga follows almost immediately after the events of the previous narrative, but Stone ocean takes place in 2011 and 2012, which is a ten year jump since the end of Golden wind. Despite being set in this somewhat modern time period, there are still laptops and cell phones with more outdated technology. Stone ocean apparently works as a sequel to Stardust crusaders and it’s set 23 years after the conclusion of that story.

8 Its anime adaptation has just been announced

Some people may assume that any Jojo manga has an inevitable anime adaptation on track due to the success of the posts, but this is far from the case. The economics behind television production are very different and there is no unwritten understanding that every story will receive an anime counterpart.

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Golden wind ended in 2019 and it wasn’t until almost two years later at 2021’s JOESTAR The Inherited Soul event that an anime adaptation for Stone ocean it was announced that it was happening. Details remain scant, aside from the fact that Fairouz Ai will be playing Jolyne Cujoh.

7 GIVES him back and gives him children

They are Donatello Versace Stone Ocean by JoJo Bizarre DIO

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of formidable villains, but DIO is by far one of the most important antagonists throughout the beginning of the series. DIO finally meets his end for Jotaro in Stardust crusaders but Stone ocean finds a way to bring it back, albeit through flashbacks and offspring. Stone ocean it contains glimpses of the late 1980s when DIO first meets Enrico Pucci, who continues his legacy, almost as if he were his son. However, Stone ocean also introduces royal descendants of DIO, Donatello, Ungalo, Rikiel, all of whom act as obstacles against Jolyne.

6 It takes place in Florida

Manga JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Florida Road Driving

The anime has limitless options for where a series takes place, which can sometimes include fantasy worlds or suburban neighborhoods. There is a trend for many anime to be set in Japan, which JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It does sometimes, but the anime deserves credit for how it also spends long stays in England, Egypt, and Italy. Golden Wind’s The environment of Venice receives a lot of love for how different it is, but Stone ocean he’s heading to Florida, which is an equally wild change of pace, but for very different reasons. Help give this new Jojo chapter a new vibe.

5 Take the support discs to the Canon

Manga JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Stand Discs

It has been fascinating to see how the rules of the powers in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure they have slowly changed. The biggest change is the change from Hamon to Stands, but even Stands have additional items like Stand Arrows for different purposes, like activating a Stand on an individual or making a Stand evolve.

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Stone ocean adds Stand Discs to the mix, containing both the user’s Stand and their memories. It is a hazard that is specific to Enrico Pucci’s booth, Whitesnake, and if a person’s Stand Disc is removed, they will end up in a coma with serious consequences.

4 Many characters are named after fashion brands

JoJo Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Donatello Versus Ponders

A fun quirk that’s present everywhere. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It is that Hirohiko Araki is inspired by many of the names of his characters and his Stands in groups and popular musical references. This affectation is quite dominant in certain chapters and has become a trademark of the series that will probably never completely disappear. Stone ocean does not get rid of this trend, but it goes in a new direction and give names to many characters that are inspired by the main fashion brands. It is a detail that feels appropriate to Stone ocean’s setting and aesthetics.

3 Anasui is supposed to transcend gender

Manga JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Anasui Ready

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a reputation for entertaining protagonists and villains, but supporting characters often receive the same love. No character from Jojo would be considered conventional, but Narciso Anasui is a Stone ocean character that is the subject of much debate. Anasui is an ally of Jolyne in prison who many speculated was originally supposed to be a female, but later became a male character through meddling and executive concerns. Araki confirms that this is not true and that Anasui is just a character who is designed to go “beyond the standard definition of genres”.

two It is one of the longest chapters in the series.

End of the stone ocean

All the different chapters inside JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can make it difficult to determine the extent of each new story, especially compared to the other pieces of the Jojo puzzle. Stone ocean has 158 chapters, which makes it a bit shorter than The diamond is unbreakable 174 chapters, but a little more than Golden Wind’s 155 chapters and Stardust crusaders 152 chapters. This is far from confirmation on this, but it probably means that Stone ocean’s The anime will be about 39 episodes long, as will Golden wind Y The diamond is unbreakable previously they were before.

1 Reboot the universe

JoJo Bizarre Stone Ocean Made in Heaven reboots the universe

There is so much to love Stone ocean but one of its greatest details is that it effectively “restores” the Jojo universe and a new canon begins. Araki felt that he had reached his peak of creativity and wanted to reset the formula and bring Jojo back to its roots, which is what is achieved through the dangerous Stand, Made in Heaven. The Stand accelerates the flow of time at incredible speed so that the universe reaches its end point and is forced to restart. This unleashes a new comparable universe where people may look the same, but are clearly unique individuals.

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