Jujutsu Kaisen is the pop-up anime of 2021, topping almost every popularity contest among Western anime fans. Despite the anime incorporating various shonen tropes to convey its story, fans of the show accepted everything about the show with open arms, as evident with its growing popularity, that it simply refuses to go away.

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Of course, just because an anime is popular doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Jujutsu Kaisen Perhaps the most flawed character is the show’s male lead, Yuji Itadori. While he has shown impressive improvements and growth during the first season, there are certain things that he is still lacking as a character.

10 Strength: He possesses superhuman abilities even without Sukuna inside his body

Yuji _ Sukuna _ I ate it _ Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji is canonically capable of covering a distance of 50 meters in 3 seconds, which would be a world record in the real world. He also playfully threw a lead ball with such force that it bent the metal post of his school’s soccer goal.

On her first mission with Nobara, she went through a brick wall as if it were made of paper, surprising even Nobara herself. While these abilities may not be enough to fight cursed spirits, they continue to prove that Yuji was a special child even before Sukuna possessed his body.

9 Weakness: He is a basic Shonen hero with predictable Shonen behavior and ultimate goals.

Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen.

As a shonen hero, Yuuji possesses nothing new. A loved one died, was thrust into a world of supernatural creatures, now he wants to become the best the world has to offer, discover that he is the chosen one, and train hard enough to become the strongest sorcerer there is.

There is nothing wrong with cliches when done correctly, but certain tropes have been used so consistently in anime that they have nothing new to offer. Yuji incorporates the “shonen hero” trope into the T, which means that fans have a clear idea of ​​how he is going to behave.

8 Strength: is able to sympathize with people that most would not look twice

dinner junpei jujutsu kaisen

Yuji was the only one who looked at Junpei and saw a teenager that he could befriend. Almost any other sorcerer in his place would have instantly attacked Junpei when he was about to attack his master, Sotomura.

This ability to sympathize and want to save all possible lives makes him a better human person than those who see everything through the lens of logic.

7 Weakness: is overly understanding and often lets his emotions cloud his judgment

Yuji Casual _ Day Dream

Megumi chided Yuji for his idealistic approach. He said that it was impossible to save all lives and that Yuji should be prepared to suffer collateral damage in his line of work, especially if the life he saves ends up killing innocent people in the future.

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Yuji took a huge risk with Junpei because he didn’t want to doubt anyone and believed that he was a good person, despite everything that happened. However, Junpei contributed to helping Mahito kill his three thugs.

6 Strength: Learns remarkably fast when it comes to witchcraft.

aoi everything and yuuji

Fans witnessed this at the Tokyo Goodwill Event arc, where Yuji and Aoi were forced to fight Hanami. In the midst of fighting the cursed spirit, Aoi lectured Yuji on how his lagging cursed energy was holding him back, and that he could improve his technique.

Yuji listened carefully to Aoi’s advice and not only managed to launch a Black Flash on Hanami, but he was able to seriously injure Hanami, with Aoi by his side.

5 Weakness: Lacks the ability to create your own domain expansion.

Gojo _ Jujutsu Kaisen

At the end of Jujutsu Kaisen episode 24, there has been no indication that Yuji has the skills of the talent, or the will, to create his own Domain Expansion technique.

While Yuji is shown to be excellent at close combat, and his ability to tap into Sukuna’s cursed energy reserves is an excellent advantage, he would be on another level if he managed to manage a Domain Expansion that is half as good. like Gojo’s. Without that, he would have to physically fight his opponents all the time, constantly putting himself in danger.

4 Strength: He is willing to sacrifice his life to save innocent people

Yuuji and Nobara

This was set in the first episode, where a cursed spirit had taken over two of his classmates. Confident that Megumi was doing the right thing, she broke a window and scared the cursed spirit long enough to save her friends.

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After that, he consumed Sukuna’s finger, even after Megumi’s warning), not knowing what it would do to him because of him.

3 Weakness: Show hesitancy before killing cursed spirits and consuming

While his hesitation was understandable in Junpei’s case, seeing that the boy was still human, Yuji’s sympathy towards It was unforgivable.

While That was doing his best to not only kill Yuji but also Nobara, all Yuji could think about was how bad he felt for killing a cursed murderous spirit that was mourning his brother’s death. Sadly, Yuji still has a long way to go when it comes to understanding that not all lives are worth living.

two Strength: He has the powers of the King of Curses at his disposal

Thanks to the Binding Vow he made with Sukuna, Yuji was able to return from the dead, a feat that is unparalleled until now. Not to mention the fact that his injuries can easily heal themselves, how he doesn’t feel as much pain as he’s supposed to, as well as how much more physical prowess he has at his disposal.

This is all thanks to Sukuna, without whom Yuji would never have caught Gojo’s attention, nor would he have entered the Tokyo Jujutsu School.

1 Weakness: Sukuna is unreliable, selfish, and deceptive

jujutsu kaisen sukuna

Even though Yuji uses Sukuna’s strength to his advantage, he cannot do it of his own free will. The decision to help Yuji is always up to Sukuna and, as has been made very clear, he often refuses to help Yuji if he doesn’t feel like it.

There are other obstacles that stand in the way of Yuji’s ability to trust Sukuna, including the Binding Vow that he doesn’t recall making, as well as Sukuna’s inexplicable obsession with Megumi. In fact, it is due to Sukuna’s numerous secrets that she keeps hiding from Yuji, which puts the boy in constant danger.

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