At Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four have formed some unlikely friendships, both within their group and the Marvel Universe as a whole. Check it out.

In Marvel Comics, there is nothing stranger than the Fantastic Four. They are a family of adventurers with superhuman powers who indulge in all kinds of science fiction shenanigans. And they even play superheroes from time to time, as long as they have a moment between Reed Richards’ non-stop science experiments, who is always opening doors to one dimension or another.

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What is interesting about the Fantastic Four is the unlikely friendships they have formed. This applies to characters within their own regular sphere of acquaintances, as well as a few other odd couples and ties from across the Marvel Universe.

10 The Watcher and Deadpool

Uatu hits Deadpool

For a long time in the Marvel Universe, Uatu the Watcher lived on the Moon and literally watched over everything that happened. Then he was finally killed and revived by Nick Fury, who became the herald of Uatu.

For a giant alien who watches everyone on Earth at all times, Uatu’s life is still strange. He is so strange that he even has a strange friendship with Deadpool. He’s seen all of Deadpool’s life and knows everything he’s been through. In fact, no one knows Deadpool better than Uatu.

9 Nathaniel Richards and Cable

Nathaniel Richards and Cable

Mr. Fantastic was destined to have an interesting life, and not just because he’s incredibly smart. It is both nature and nurture. His father Nathaniel was a time-traveling scientist constantly up to no good.

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Nathaniel essentially abandoned his family to become a warrior, making his way through space and time. As such, it comes as no surprise that he has formed a bond with the X-Man known as Cable, as they have made extremely similar lifestyle choices.

8 Alicia Masters and Silver Surfer

Alicia Masters talks to Silver Surfer

The Fantastic Four are, first and foremost, a family. As such, many of his friends and allies have become as close as family over the years. One of these people is The Thing’s wife, Alicia Masters.

This blind sculptor has played a key role in the lives of the entire team, but has also developed a friendship with the Silver Surfer that helped him turn around and become more empathetic to life throughout the universe.

7 Mr. Fantastic Man And Molecule

Mr. Fantastic and Molecule Man

Owen Reece became Molecule Man after what seemed like an accident. In reality, a group of extradimensional beings called Beyonders turned him into a being that existed with equal capacity in all realities.

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While he started out as a villain, he eventually became a friend and ally of Mr. Fantastic. Molecule Man’s power levels are almost unfathomable and having someone like Reed Richards by his side only helps him make better use of them.

6 Valeria Richards and Doctor Doom

Doom takes Valeria to bed

Not surprisingly, the children of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are unique and special. But his daughter Valeria is special in a different way than her older brother. He claims to be smarter than his father and it is very likely that he is right.

But Valeria’s birth was incredibly traumatic and she only survived thanks to the intervention of Doctor Doom. Since then, the connection between Valeria and Doom has only grown stronger, and she sees him as close as anyone in her immediate family.

5 Franklin Richards and Aunt May

Aunt May is the herald of Galactus.

The oldest of Richards’ sons is Franklin, a young man with the ability to warp reality to his whims. Describing him as powerful is a potentially deadly understatement: Franklin could wreak incredible havoc if left unchecked.

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Fortunately, she has great influences in her life, including Peter Parker’s Aunt May. He once actually defended himself against Galactus to protect Franklin from becoming his herald, considering that that didn’t happen in the main continuity.

4 Human torch and ice man

Human Torch and Iceman's brother

Johnny Storm has many friends, although many of them find him arrogant. He and Spider-Man have a difficult and competitive friendship that involves them saving each other’s lives while pulling ridiculous pranks.

But one of the strangest friendships he has is with Iceman from the X-Men. Considering they make a great team on the field, Human Torch and Iceman are literally and metaphorically fire and ice.

3 Invisible Woman and Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness comes back in

Raising a mighty kid like Franklin Richards isn’t an easy task, especially when the father is Mr. Fantastic and he’s probably floating in the shape of a ball somewhere. But Invisible Woman was certainly up to the task.

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That said, it didn’t hurt that he had an ancient witch like Agatha Harkness riding a shotgun. Agatha was Franklin’s governess for a long time, but she also developed a friendship with Sue Storm during that time.

two The Thing and the Hulk

Thing and Hulk have a meal

The Hulk has many strained relationships in the Marvel Universe, one of which is large with Wolverine. They have tried to kill each other as many times as they have worked together, although at this point an uneasy truce has formed.

In the relationship between Thing and Hulk, the situation is quite similar. Many of their arguments come down to which one is stronger. At the very least, their relationship has turned into a friendly rivalry and not just super destructive fights.

1 Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom's wedding

Not only is Doctor Doom one of the greatest supervillains Marvel has on its roster, he is also one of the greatest superheroes in comic book history. And it started out as an enemy of the Fantastic Four.

But the relationship between Doctor Doom and Mr. Fantastic has grown into something greater than hero and villain. It is very possible that no one understands them better than the other, which is why they spend more time working together than fighting these days.

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