GTA-style art from the McLaren social media team was used to build anticipation for the Miami Grand Prix, a new Formula 1 race scheduled for 2022.

To celebrate the announcement of the launch of the Miami Grand Prix in 2022, one of the most prominent teams in Formula 1, McLaren, shared a poster with a fun and suspicious style. Grand Theft Auto: Vice Citybox art. The image disappeared from official McLaren channels almost as quickly as it appeared, but thankfully it has remained one of the best sports and gaming crossovers of the year so far.

F1 is mostly popular in Europe and few races are held in North America as a result, although the racing simulation game series does slightly better in America, with the newly revealed F1 2021 It will become one of the largest entries in the franchise so far. The only track dedicated to F1 in the US is the Circuit of the Americas, located outside of Austin, Texas, where people travel from around the world each year outside the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The inaugural Miami race will be 5.41 kilometers (3.36 miles) long and will revolve around Hard Rock Stadium. Speeds are expected to reach 198 miles per hour (320 kilometers per hour), naturally separated from public traffic.

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McLaren’s image was preserved and shared on Twitter by Grand Theft Auto series creator Mike dailly. It features drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, as well as the team’s car and Miami-style stage. The city is famous for its beaches and Ocean Drive, which is lined with neon-lit clubs and other businesses. Replicas of these and other Miami cliches can be found everywhere. GTA Vice City, although that game is mainly focused on imitating fictional versions of the city seen in Scarface Y Miami Vice, as well as the pop culture of the 80s in general.

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The game is almost 20 years old, and even its mobile-oriented following, GTA: Vice City Stories, shipped since 2006. Fans have often suggested that Rockstar should go back to settings as it is still one of the most popular and has yet to be reviewed on a mainline. GTA qualification. Liberty City has appeared multiple times, and even Los Santos has been to both GTA San Andreas Y GTA 5. Some other possibilities include Las Venturas and San Fierro, based in Las Vegas and San Francisco, respectively.

There have been rumors of Grand Theft Auto VI come to Vice City or even have a multi-city setting. The latter has been done before, but it would be extremely resource intensive to build worlds to the same level of detail as Grand theft auto v, ignoring next-gen graphics and gameplay updates. Rockstar is full of cash from the DLC sold at GTA Onlinehowever, and controls multiple studios, so it might be feasible, especially if the company plans to integrate cities into its online space.

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Fountain: Mike Dailly / Twitter

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