An imaginative Minecraft player has come up with a river upgrade concept, suggesting several new types of river biomes and varieties of waterfalls.

The Caves & Cliffs early update for Minecraft has inspired a talented gamer to imagine what a hypothetical river update could have looked like for the game, with new types of rivers and waterfalls. It might not be too outlandish for the game’s next major update to touch bodies of water like this, after the current update, which modifies underground caves and mountains.

Recently, Mojang announced that the Caves & Cliffs update will be split in half for two separate releases. Minecraft fans will get the first part this summer, taking advantage of all the new blocks, mobs, and crafting recipes. The trickiest part of the update, a revised cave and mountain spawn system, will be left for a holiday season release. Unfortunately, the promising archeology mechanic will miss both releases, as it has yet to be redesigned to make it an engaging activity.

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In a new video, YouTube’s content creator disruptive_builds suggested a handful of tantalizing ideas for a hypothetical river upgrade to Minecraft. The author devised some new types of rivers to give the natural waterways in the game a unique look. The update features a number of distinctive biome variants, starting with Lush Rivers. In the player’s opinion, these should be overwhelmed by dense vegetation and a generous amount of water lilies. Next comes the dry river biome, which is basically a drained river bed with no water. A variant of Lush Creek is narrow and curvy, covered in trees and sugar cane. Streams are even smaller, weighing only 1-2 blocks wide. Disruptive_builds also designed small and large waterfall biomes, and the latter can randomly spawn hidden caves. Obviously, since none of the suggested biome variants actually exist in Minecraft, everything displayed on the trailer had to be assembled by manual work.

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The latest content update for Minecraft It vastly reinvented the game’s Nether realm, adding a variety of diverse biomes and introducing the most valuable ore in the game to date. Mojang went so far as to imagine forest areas unique to the alternate hellish dimension, populating them with new mobs. However, the most attractive novelty was the Ancient Debris block, which can be collected to upgrade all diamond equipment to a higher level of effectiveness. As the rarest crafting resource, ore is only spawned in small quantities in the darkest depths of the Nether.

Since most of the features included in the Caves & Cliffs update have been revealed and even delivered in snapshots, it is quite understandable that Minecraft fans are already fantasizing about the next big expansion. However, the presented River update seems too niche to come to the game as a single package. Mojang will likely revamp another large part of the game next time, but new types of rivers could still be added at some point.

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Minecraft it is available on all platforms.

Fountain: disruptive_builds / YouTube

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