The upcoming collaboration between Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito, creators of 2017’s Nier Automata, will be a very rare and small-scale game.

Yoko Taro’s next game, director of games like Deny Y Nier: AutomataIt will reportedly be a small-scale, digital-only title. Yoko has been involved in the gaming industry for years, but his first big success was as the director and writer of the 2003 action role-playing game. Drakengard. The director is known for wearing an iconic mask during public appearances, due to an apparent dislike for being photographed.

Late last year it was announced that Yoko Taro was working on two new games with Yosuke Saito, who has produced many of his games, including Deny Y Nier: Automata. Few details were given about these titles in production, and the creators did not confirm or deny their relationship to him. Deny franchise. Amusingly, Saito expressed his doubts regarding one of the titles, explaining that he would probably stop producing it if given the chance. However, both men were excited about the second title in production.

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International video game website Siliconera reports that Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito’s next game will be quite small in scale, being described as “indie” in scope. The duo also revealed that this title will be an exclusively digital, rather than large-scale, circulation of physical discs. This further emphasizes that the game will be small in scope and probably budget too. Yoko also described the game as “strange” and “difficult to explain”, while Saito suggested that more information could be revealed in the very near future.

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While Yoko Taro does not have a direct stake, Square Enix will soon release a new version of Deny, originally directed by Taro and released in 2010. The remake, Replicator of Nier, will bring the classic action role-playing game to our day using modern hardware. The new version will also feature content cut from the original version, such as new boss fights and dungeons. Meanwhile, fans of 2017 Nier automata continue to pay tribute to the game through various means. A dedicated fan built a huge statue of 2B, the game’s protagonist, inside Minecraft. A time-lapse video shows the slow process of making the statue.

Yoko Taro is considered a true video game author, and his games speak to fans in a surreal yet emotional way. His works are rarely straightforward, yet those who have the patience to analyze them often find moments truly remarkable. Yoko Taro’s association with Yosuke Saito has produced true masterpieces of the game, so fans are sure to eagerly anticipate his next co-op adventure.

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