Nightwing has figured out how he wants to help protect Bludhaven’s children, and he’s a perfect embodiment of Dick Grayson’s heroism.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Nightwing # 79 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott, now on sale.

Ever since regaining his sense of self after spending time as the amnesiac Ric Grayson, Nightwing has been trying to find ways to help improve his world in broader ways. And now, thanks to a final gift from the late Alfred Pennyworth, Nightwing might have the perfect way of what to do next.

On At night # 79, has come to realize that he wants to spend the fortune Alfred left him on building a support system to help the underprivileged youth of Bludhaven, especially those who have nowhere else to turn. And now, Dick Grayson may have found the ideal way to help improve the corrupt and crime-ridden city. without simply relying on your fists.

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Nightwing safety net

Ever since his memory was fully restored during the events of “Joker War,” Dick Grayson has been readjusting to all the little ways the DC Universe has changed while passing by Ric. This includes putting the loss of Alfred Pennyworth behind and dealing with the discovery that Alfred left his surprisingly massive financial holdings behind Dick, giving the original Robin his own fortune to work with. At first, Dick is unsure how to use his newfound wealth. While spending an evening talking to Barabra Gordon about this in downtown Bludhaven, the two discuss this new development and what moving forward could mean for Dick and the kind of heroic work he can commit to.

Dick admits that he has always believed that Bruce could use his wealth for more than just his crusade against crime as Batman, but is initially unsure how he could actually attempt to do so. But a chance encounter with a hungry man and his son prompts Dick to buy food for the couple, as well as anyone else who likes a hot meal. He even offers to reserve rooms for the man and his son at a local hotel before promising to help them find something to do after that. After his wallet is stolen by a group of teenagers, Dick follows them, only to discover an entire small community of homeless children living on the streets of Bludhaven, doing their best to survive.

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Nightwing Store City

Upon discovering the teenagers, Dick realizes what he really wants to do, using his newfound riches to help the disadvantaged and humiliated citizens of the city. He specifically refers to these undisclosed shows as a “safety net”, which is the perfect accomplishment for Nightwing. When Dick was growing up, he, like many of those kids on the streets of Bludhaven probably have, lost his parents. However, he was trapped in a safety net thanks to Bruce, who not only took the young man in and supported him, but helped him grow as a person and become the hero he is today. This is the kind of job that Dick could fully commit to, helping the underprivileged corners of his city not only feel safe, but grow after being trapped in a safety net.

It could even be seen as a tribute to his parents, a pair of circus performers who, in incarnations before and after the crisis of the DC Universe, died when a safety net was removed from them. By accepting how important a good safety net really can be, Dick could help the DC Universe in truly fundamental ways. This could be Dick’s way of creating a new safety net to try and help families survive in similar circumstances, and it’s a good, good-hearted idea for Nightwing to pledge his money.

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