Sister Wives fans are calling Robyn Brown selfish for refusing to move out and uprooting her children because the rest of the family wants to move.

TLC’s fans Sister wives I feel like the whole family is currently in emotional turmoil and they’re calling Robyn Brown selfish. The mother refuses to move and uproot her children because the rest of the family wants to return to Utah and out of Arizona. Kody has kept quiet but has spent all of his time with his fourth wife during the pandemic.

Viewers started dragging the fourth wife after posting her opinion on Twitter. This is where she revealed she was “shocked” that third wife, Christine, wanted to return to Utah with her family. Currently, the family resides in Arizona.

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Weather Robyn He admitted that he felt very bad about how his sister wife felt since no one agreed with the move, she still did not give him her support. Fans were also upset by how Kody treated his daughter Ysabel. Instead of comforting her and telling her that he would come to her consultation, he made arguments to stay and be with Robyn.

The irony did not go unnoticed by viewers, as the reason they moved to Arizona was for Robyn’s children, who were about to start college. The rest of the family uprooted their children, but she was not willing to do the same for them. It was also noted that the fact that she was surprised showed her disconnection with the other wives, as viewers felt that she should have been more in touch with their needs. Viewers immediately asked why Robyn was the favorite of Kody’s wives, and one fan even put up a Brady bunch meme in. The season finale left more questions than answers when Robyn revealed that her husband was in a dark place and that the episode was edited to show fewer positive interactions and conversations that took place. The season ended with the five of them trying to communicate, but Kody ended up giving up and saying he didn’t care. Robyn refuted this ending and explained that everyone had a good conversation after he stopped being upset.

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The patriarch has not been happy with his role in plural marriage and hinted that he might be ready to settle down. The danger to their feelings is that their decision will affect their wives. Most fans assume that he would choose Robyn to stay married and let the others go off to find other spouses. In the end, TLC viewers feel like Robyn has been the one who divided the family, and Kody seems to be absolutely fine with that.

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Sister wives airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC

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