Zack Snyder compares his two zombie epics, Dawn of the Dead and Army of the Dead, and the evolution of his storytelling within the genre.

Zack Snyder described the differences between his two zombie epics, Dawn of the Dead Y Army of the dead. Snyder made his directorial debut with the George A. Romero remake, considered by some to be his best film. The similarities between the 1978 original and the 2004 version of Snyder are slim, with Snyder taking the original. Dawn of the Dead and making it a much faster entry into the zombie genre.

Army of the dead seems to be following on Dawn of the DeadSteps of. Although it is not a direct remake of Romero’s films, it has been described as a spiritual successor to his Dawn of the Dead Romero’s film and other contributions to the genre. Once again, Snyder is upping the ante, introducing more advanced zombies originating from Area-51. All of this will take place during a high-octane heist in the Nevada desert as a motley crew of hired mercenaries hunt for million-dollar loot beneath the Las Vegas strip.

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During a visit to the set in October 2019, Snyder addressed the similarities and differences of the two films, noting that Dawn of the Dead it was more of a tribute compared to Army of the deadIt is the deconstruction of the genre as a whole. With Army of the dead, Snyder hoped to subvert many of the genre’s tropes by incorporating the heist format and using inspiration from Escape from New York Y Aliens.

15 years have passed since Dawn of the Dead. Has it been fun to go back to the zombie genre?

It was, well, when we did Dawn [of the Dead] It was a genre-breaking movie a bit in the sense that I was a fan of the original and therefore didn’t want to redo the movie exactly, but I certainly wanted to touch on the tropes and all the kinds of different aspects of a zombie movie that they make it fun. me scary me, you know, social commentary, whatever you want to say about the genre. Those were all the things that I really liked. But, the movie itself, I wanted to be careful not to destroy the original movie, not to destroy, but you know, when you remake something exactly, there can be some confusion later on about where the ideas come from and how they form and stuff. how that.

So, I was trying my best to pay tribute to the movie, you know. It was more like a reference to the original than a remake, which seems like a fun place to be. And, with this movie, it’s a complete exploration of the genre, whether the movie is really movie-inspired. What Escape from New York, or Aliens, Cameron Aliens, Robocop, you know, that world. It’s very much a genre deconstruction in the sense that I love all tropes, which is why I’m constantly trying to subvert tropes by making them not end the way they would. So, you give them a ‘this is what would normally happen’ until you get all the energy moving in the direction of what the trope is and how the trope works in the genre and then you have to, at the last second, subvert it, to to do something else and bond with another. So in that way I think the movie has been a bit complicated in interpreting that tone, that idea. It has been a lot of fun, rewarding and great.

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The zombie genre has become almost ubiquitous in the last decade, thanks in part to AMC. The Walking Dead and its absolute explosion as a phenomenon of good faith. Interest has waned considerably in recent years after fatigue from the zombie genre, but Snyder seems well aware of this. Since Dawn of the Dead in 2004, the perception of zombies has changed, and Army of the dead it certainly seeks to go further in terms of genre.

Star Dave Bautista has said Army of the dead transcends the gore of the genre to take the film in new directions. Incorporating the heist look and character dynamics certainly hints at a different take on the typical zombie format. Army of the dead It will also introduce a different kind of post-apocalypse, one in which humans retain some semblance of control over the world even though zombies seem to roam free in parts. When Army of the dead At premieres, fans can get another Snyder zombie movie, but it seems almost guaranteed that it will be a huge departure from what fans are used to from both him and the genre.

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  • Army of the Dead (2021)Release Date: May 21, 2021

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