While there are some great modern cartoons, there is something special, nostalgic, and timeless about more retro cartoons. Retro does not necessarily imply old, but rather a product from a different era, subject to its own temporarily unique set of qualities and traits. These shows not only captured the hearts of their target audience, young children, but they also had elements and concepts that were still relevant and engaging to adults.

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A handful of retro cartoons did not age well, being products of their time, while others were able to withstand the test of time, becoming classic shows that all people, regardless of their age, can continue to review and enjoy.

10 The Pink Panther Show characters still have some charisma

The Pink Panther Show it’s a beautiful example of a show that draws its charisma from the art and the characters themselves. In addition to the iconic Pink Panther theme, the show was unique in that it interspersed a The inspector short between two Pink Panther Shorts.

The contrast was nice because the two Pink Panther the shorts had no dialogue while The inspector The shorts were highlighted by the fun exchanges between Inspector Clouseau and the supporting cast. It is precisely this combination that the cartoon has preserved.

9 Voltron captures the core of what a space adventure should look like

Voltron Collage from 1984 Cartoon

Giant robot shows have always been interesting and engaging for fans; the pinnacle of such shows is possibly Voltron. Five pilots flying through space in a giant robot is a fun and exciting concept, no matter what era you’re a fan of.

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Voltron captured the essence of what was desired in cool space adventure, exploration and battle scenes. Due to the success of the original show, new spin-offs and reboots have been made in his honor, showcasing the true timelessness of this American-turned-anime cartoon.

8 The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is an innocent cartoon that appeals to all ages

Winnie the Pooh eating honey with Tigger and Piglet from the 1988 cartoon

Even if the program was aimed at young children, it is clear that The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh It has stood the test of time, in the sense that the franchise is still talked about today. The sympathy of Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and the rest of the team was that they were simple characters.

The show doesn’t really have an overall plot and is a very calm, genuine, and pure cartoon. Not many shows are like this anymore, and for those that are, they can end up being pretty creepy and forgettable. Sometimes the simplicity of a show is what becomes its most attractive and enduring feature.

7 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon is still a good introduction to the franchise.

The four teenage mutant ninja turtles in the sewers from the 1987 cartoon

The animated TMNT 1987 show was probably what introduced and hooked many TMNT fans in the franchise; It is these dedicated fans who have kept the franchise relevant and successful after all these years. Villains like Shredder and Baxter Stockman, the fly character, were memorable and goofy, and the show’s locations were eccentric, like Dimension X.

It’s a silly and exciting show that brilliantly introduced an entire generation to a now-beloved franchise, cementing the show’s relevance and significance in retro cartoon history.

6 ThunderCats is an action packed cartoon and has that comic book feel to it.

Lion-O Holding Sword of Omens 1985 Cartoon

Although there have been many reboots, the original show still has a dedicated cult following, and for good reason. The Rankin / Bass ThunderCats The cartoon has aged well simply because it is a good show with a good story and a sympathetic protagonist, Lion-O. The animation had a certain charm, even if it seems dated, like a story from a comic.

Lion-O, Panthro, and the rest of the gang, in addition to being different humanoid cats, were drawn to being truly fond of, making the fight scenes between the ThunderCats and Mumm-Ra and her memorable, action-packed minions, part of the many reasons fans still watch the show.

5 The G1 Transformers show is still the definitive Transformers cartoon for many fans

G1 Optimus Prime 1984 cartoon

For most modern fans, the original G1 Transformers the cartoon was and is the most definitive Transformers show, and later film, in stock.

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The G1 program explored and captured certain fictional aspects of the Transformers Universe that is not fully captured in Bay’s movies, such as the genuine friction between the Autobots and the Decepticons, the Autobots’ difficulties adapting and living on Earth, and the Decepticon’s prolonged search for pure energy. The show successfully created a universe for fans, something that will not age.

4 Courage the Cowardly Dog is a better watch older viewers get

Courage the Cowardly Dog with the owners on the phone from the 1996 show

Although it is a more modern cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog it still has the feel of a classic and retro cartoon. Courage it’s one of those shows that gets better as older fans get; the content of the cartoon is really creepy and haunting and fans won’t really understand creepy without a proper new look.

Most of the weird and weird concepts probably didn’t make much sense to younger fans, but for older audiences, watching this cartoon is like rewatching a nostalgic movie and understanding more adult-themed jokes for the first time. This unique trait has kept fans rewatching the show since its launch.

3 Captain Planet & the Planeteers deals with real-world problems that haven’t gone away

Captain Planet Flying with Planetariums from the 1990 show

Captain Planet’s costume design may not have aged as well, but the cartoon did. The notion of saving the Earth by protecting the environment is still an extremely relevant topic today, and it probably won’t change anytime soon.

As a result, this show will always be relevant and viewers of all ages will be able to watch any episode and still find relevance to the real world. The cartoon featured a diverse cast with diverse characters, something newer for its time. It was an educational cartoon with the feeling of Forest ranger.

two Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends is still one of the best Spider-Man cartoons

Spider-Man and his amazing friends Opening shot of the 1981 cartoon

Spiderman Fighting multiple Marvel villains solo is great, but working with other Marvel characters is even better. Especially in the comics Spiderman Teams have always been successful, so it’s no surprise that this cartoon remains a fan favorite.

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The cartoon presented Spiderman, Iceman, and a new character created specifically for the show, Fire star. The Spider-Man shows have not been as successful as the movies, but among the most successful, Spider-Man and his amazing friends ranks at the top, possibly rivaling the 1994 show.

1 The Flintstones jokes are especially relevant in our technological age.

Photo of the Flintstones family and the Rubble family

The Flintstones It is possibly the most successful animation show in existence and was created in the 1960s. More surprisingly, the show still stands. It’s still a great show that is fun and strangely relevant to today’s times.

While some aspects of the cartoon didn’t age well, like Fred and Wilma used to conclude each of the early shows by smoking, other elements did, like Dino, racing cars, and suburban-style neighborhoods full of rock houses. In today’s age of technology, where everything is supposedly easier and faster, the relevance of this show shines through, poking fun at the lifestyle that most modern fans have become so used to.

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