With so many new movies and TV shows taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being announced, Disney is giving characters their own series like Oprah gives away cars. However, there are still plenty of fan favorites that are idle, or worse, playing a supporting role in other heroes’ movies.

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The TV shows in the MCU that air on Disney + are clearly different from anything that has been presented to them in that they are not limited to specific lengths or episodes, and are simply as long as they need to be, whether limited or not. . That makes it the perfect platform to tell longer stories for smaller characters, but at the same time, there are unexplored characters who deserve nothing less than a movie.

10 Disney + series: Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan wearing the suit

Happy Hogan’s presence throughout the MCU is spotty, as he was Tony Stark’s right-hand man, but after iron Man 3 In 2010, he had a back seat for the next several years. However, being a glorified babysitter for Peter Parker in the Spiderman movies, he has become a better Uncle Ben than Stark.

Not only that, but Homecoming Y Far from home Best represented was that Happy actually has work to do at Stark Industries, be it relocating the company or tracking down the Avengers. Not to mention, that information and internal baseball footage was so much fun to watch that it could easily be extended into a limited series.

9 Movie: Peggy Carter

An image of Peggy Carter in her military uniform

Most people know that Peggy already had her own show. Even if Agent carter features elements from the movies, the TV show is not canon, as Chief Kevin Feige has said that the show, along with Agents of protection, it is not part of the MCU.

However, while the series was spotty, there were plenty of great moments with Agent Carter, and it would be fascinating to see what would become of her in the form of a Disney + limited series. And on top of that, Feige clearly has a competitive streak running through him, be it the MCU compared to the DC movies, or higher. Agents of protection. with the newer programs, so it might even be likely.

8 Disney + Series: Yondu

In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Yondu was arguably the most obnoxious character, and his annoying whistle that directed his arrow was absurd to many. But the second movie painted it in a much better way. Many fans felt that Yondu’s redemption arc is one of the best things about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and the character’s intentions were emotionally driven.

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Since the character controls an entire crew of outcasts traveling through space, it would be a great Battlestar galactica-type show. And while Yondu could have been killed in the movies, no one in the MCU really remains dead.

7 Movie: Hela

Hela invokes powers in Thor: Ragnarok

There is a chance that Hela is still alive, and since she has such an important role in all of the mythology with Thor and Loki, it’s hard to believe that they would only use her for one movie. And since the character has so many unique powers, fans have seen a lot of them.

It would be great to see an origins movie about Hela as an antihero, almost like Pernicious. Hela and Maleficent even look the same, but since Cate Blanchett is such an amazing actress, it would be a unique movie in MCU canon.

6 Disney + series: Nick Fury and Maria Hill

Nick Fury and Maria Hill make such a great team, and while we’ve seen a lot from Fury over the years, Hill has been lost in action so often over the last 10 years.

However, when active, she is the barest character not part of the Avengers, and while Fury has made a lot of mistakes over the years, it’s being human that makes him so interesting. A series that follows Fury and Hill would make a great cop-buddy kind of show.

5 Movie: War Machine

War machine in the sky

War Machine has always been Stark’s second fiddle, and while Rhodey might not be a billionaire, philanthropist, or playboy, he is extremely fascinating and deserves a movie of his own.

The character has hardly been explored in any of the films, except the first. Iron Man movie when he was working in the military, but ever since, he has been the sensible prankster. Considering there are so many things about War Machine in the comics that weren’t in the movies, a War Machine movie would be the perfect successor to Iron Man.

4 Disney + series: Jimmy Woo

Randall Park Jimmy Woo WandaVision Finale

Jimmy Woo may not have had an imperative role up to this point, but there’s no denying the presence he has on screen and that he completely stole the show on WandaVision. On top of that, there is still a big question from WandaVision That was left unanswered, which is who the missing person really is under witness protection.

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An entire series following Woo tracking down this person, whoever he is, would make for great television. And since the bread and butter from the Disney + series is a huge reveal, revealing this missing person would surely be astonishing.

3 Movie: Drax The Destroyer

Dave Bautista as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy

Although he has become something of a comic relief character, fans know that Drax the Destroyer has a rich history, as Ronin murdered his entire family. His backstory would be an epic movie, but considering that Drax never got his revenge until Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie would end tragically, and it would be more like a depressing David Cronenberg sci-fi movie than anything else.

However, as rumors spread about the possibility of R-rated MCU movies, Drax The Destroyer would be a perfect fit. Logan-like epic.

two Disney + Series: Luis

Like Jimmy Woo, Luis is one of the funniest characters who doesn’t really have any power. But it’s charming, it steals the show every time it’s on screen, and it has enough backstory to carry an entire series.

Many felt that it was already a sham that he did not appear in Endgame up to a point, and taking into account that Luis has only been seen in the Ant Man movies and has not crossed over to any of the other heroes movies, the character is criminally underused. The show could focus on your criminal past or even your security company that you established in Ant Man, and it would be full of those funny flashbacks where he paraphrases what other characters are saying.

1 Movie: Heimdall

There’s a lot more to Heimdall than audiences know, especially since he’s been underused in every movie he’s appeared in thus far. Heimdall will return in Thor: love and thunderand hopefully you will have more to do. But considering Idris Elba is such an important actor right now, it would be surprising if Marvel didn’t capitalize on that.

Elba can obviously carry a movie on her own, and exploring a character who ultimately protects all of Asgard would fit in the crazy direction of the sonic multiverse that the MCU is heading in right now.

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