I’ve Been Slaying Slimes Episode 2 advises isekai heroes to prepare for the long haul in their new, potentially eternal lives.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of I’ve been slaying slimes for 300 years and above my level, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The last great series of isekai from the anime, I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and reached the top of my level, It’s hardly a standard power trip. Instead, the series’ heroine Azusa Aizawa has been reborn as the Highland Witch, determined to live a quiet life with no particular goals or ambitions in mind. This totally subverts the fundamentals of the isekai genre, but it also raises the question: how will Azusa fill her long centuries in this new world?

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The very title of the series makes it clear that Azusa is in it for the long haul. True to its name, it has been slaying slime monsters every day for 300 years without resting, racking up XP and money all the time. Azusa is immune to aging, level 99, and unbeatable in combat, but what’s even more remarkable is that despite having the mind of a mortal human, Azusa never complains about how long everything takes. It seems that somehow her intense desire for a normal life has protected her from boredom and frustration, which means that she barely realized that three whole centuries had flown by.

What’s more, the landscape has hardly changed in all that time either. Azusa’s house remained the same until Laika accidentally destroyed it, as did the nearby town of Flatta and the culture and political landscape of the world. In this realm, change happens very slowly. For example, in episode 2, Azusa and Laika set up a protective barrier around Flatta, and the town elder mentions that people had been debating security concerns for years. In another case, when the seemingly young Shalsha arrives to exact revenge on Azusa, it is revealed that she spent a whopping 50 years training her Smite Evil for the occasion, and will have to carry that magic for another 50 years once it’s all done. spent. It seems like nothing gets done overnight.

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When it comes to visiting another world, the rule is usually that the protagonist will be there forever, whether or not it is an action series. Often times the hero isekai died in real life and there is no turning back. Examples include By Konosuba Kazuma Saito, who was scared to death by truck-kun, and Rimuru Tempest, who was stabbed to death as a mortal man before beginning his adventure. There are exceptions, generally in isekai video games like Sword art online, where Kirito and Asuna can theoretically go in and out of these ultra-immersive games at will.

In all of these series, the fact that the hero is trapped there forever It is often overlooked as the series focuses primarily on the character’s immediate concerns and actions, such as Kazuma forming his dysfunctional group or Rimuru befriending the monsters around him. The whimsical ways of most isekai make it difficult to realize that these heroes have their Entire life before them in this world.

In the case of Azusa and Rimuru, they are practically immortal, which means that their lives will never end. A darker version of the isekai genre could show the psychological strain of such a long period of time, although fiction often describes how miserable and lonely immortality can be. In a different version of her new world, Azusa’s 300 years of slime slaughter might have caused her to be completely lost.

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