Jujutsu Kaisen it’s packed with powerful characters with varying degrees of intricate damn techniques. Satoru Gojo may be one of the most powerful, but his cursed techniques are not so simple as to prevent the natural ebb and flow of strengths and weaknesses present in all other cursed techniques of JJK.

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Anime fans know a Satoru Gojo who is untouchable, but manga fans have seen Gojo’s life threatened on a few separate occasions. The strongest self-proclaimed jujutsu sorcerer doesn’t find himself in many situations where he’s in grave danger, but whenever he does, he manages to find his way to safety.

10 The Iron Mountain Domain’s coffin cannot threaten Gojo’s life, but at least Jogo can say that it has touched Satoru Gojo.

Jogo _ Jujutsu Kaisen

The anime does very little to create a real sense of tension around Satoru Gojo. As a wielder of the cursed Limitless and Six Eyes techniques, Gojo is almost untouchable in battle.

In addition to these two incredibly useful cursed techniques, Satoru’s Infinite Mastery is so refined that he is capable of breaking through the domain of a special grade curse as if it were made of paper. Still, Jogo should receive credit for leading Satoru to his Iron Mountain Domain Coffin. He may not have been able to finish off Satoru, but the special grade cursed spirit came closer than most.

9 Miguel traveled to Japan to present Satoru Gojo with a cursed object that interrupts the cursed energy.

JJK Manga _ Miguel vs Gojo

As one of the only foreigners to work as a jujutsu sorcerer in Japan, Miguel has received much attention from dedicated JJK fans. Although manga and anime have been celebrated internationally for some time, it is still nice to see a foreigner doing great things in a world controlled by generational heritages.

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However, Miguel has not only caught the attention of viewers because of his African heritage. The powerful jujutsu sorcerer wears a special type of black rope that negates the power of cursed energy. Although it seems that the rope is not enough to stop Satoru, it is enough for Miguel to gain Gojo’s trust. Perhaps future applications of Miguel’s black rope could push Gojo a little closer to death, but if the strongest jujutsu wizard has something to say about it, Miguel’s special rope will be kept out of future chapters of the JJK sleeve.

8 Everyone knows that sea cucumbers are poisonous, but Satoru Gojo doesn’t care

Satoru may be untouchable now, but manga readers who have read Gojo’s Past Arc have come across a version of Gojo that has yet to push his damn techniques to the limit. Although a sea cucumber is not the type of threat that many would have expected, it is the perfect representative of Satoru’s overconfidence and reckless behavior.

While tasked with escorting the starship back to Tokyo Jujutsu High, Gojo and Geto stop on a beach to fool around. Despite having a mission that could determine the future of the jujutsu world, Satoru spends his time playing with a sea cucumber on the beach. Imagine if the poison from the sea cucumber had got into Satoru’s eyes.

7 Sukuna may not be able to defeat Satoru in 10 seconds, but longer and the strongest jujutsu sorcerer could be in trouble.

Gojo and Sukuna

Sukuna is a character who actually poses a deadly threat to Satoru Gojo. The self-proclaimed strongest jujutsu sorcerer is lucky that he only fought Sukuna for 10 seconds at a time when Yuji only served as a container for one of Sukuna’s cursed fingers. Gojo is strong, but the arc of the Shibuya incident proves that Sukuna may be the strongest.

The manga provides readers with additional information on the limits behind Gojo’s cursed techniques. While talking to Megumi, Gojo explains that in the past, a wielder of the Ten Shadows Technique was able to kill a member of the Gojo family who possessed the Limitless Techniques and Six Eyes. If a former wielder of these two techniques failed against Divine General Mahoraga, and Sukuna is able to defeat Divine General, then Sukuna may turn out stronger than Gojo the next time they meet.

6 The Prison Realm may not be a murder weapon, but it can keep Gojo trapped long enough for Kenjaku to come up with a plan to defeat him.

Geto _ Kenjaku _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

The cursed object known as the Prison Realm is too new for even dedicated manga readers to fully understand. The article works as a barrier by drawing a line between what it can and cannot freely pass through. However, unlike barrier techniques, Prison Realm is strong enough to contain even the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

With all of this in mind, it is still unclear if the Prison Realm can truly threaten Satoru Gojo’s life while trapped within it. The reason this item threatens Satoru so much has more to do with the way the outside world is able to evolve without the strongest jujutsu sorcerer out there to keep the peace. Perhaps when Satoru escapes, all the chips will be in place to finally shut him up.

5 To avoid Yuta’s execution, Satoru confronts the men responsible for sentencing the young man to death.

Okatsu _ Anime OP

Anime-only fans have yet to meet the “superiors” that Satoru Gojo is always insisting on, but they have proven this negligent generation in the form of director Gakuganji. Gakuganji may not seem like a threat to Satoru, but if he and all the other members of the older generation were to act against the strongest jujutsu wizard, Satoru would surely be in the fight of his life.

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To vouch for Yuta Okkatsu, Satoru had to face a room full of old men who would rather kill Yuta than watch him master his skills and continue living his life as a teenager. Satoru not only answers for Yuta, but does not leave the superiors’ room without threatening everyone present with his own strength. A risky move, even for the strongest jujutsu wizard.

4 Satoru Gojo risks his life for the second time by attesting that Yuji Itadori enrolls in Tokyo Jujutsu High

Yuji _ Sukuna _ I ate it _ Jujutsu Kaisen

Stepping up for Yuta Okkatsu is one thing, but asking a room full of paranoid old men if Sukuna’s boat can go to school with their children is too much, even for Satoru Gojo. It’s surprising that the “superiors” weren’t prepared with a better way to combat Gojo’s openly disrespectful behavior after fighting for the execution of Yuta Okkatsu only a year before Yuji appeared.

Yuta is full of cursed energy and he really needs a place to go where he can learn to control it. Sukuna’s vessel has no cursed energy. The only reason he is able to harness the cursed energy is because of the evil spirit that inhabits his body. The fact that Satoru got away with extending Yuta’s sentence is one thing, but demanding that Sukuna’s craft be allowed to attend Tokyo Jujutsu High is something else entirely, and Satoru could have been punished for it.

3 Training Toge Inumaki, Yuta Okkatsu, and Yuji Itadori may seem endearing, but it’s actually extremely dangerous.

Toge Inumaki _ Cursed Speech

Gojo is the poster boy for the next generation of jujutsu wizards, but that doesn’t make him invulnerable to the influx of powerful cursed energy that flows with the times. Toge, Yuta, and Yuji are extremely powerful, supporting Gojo’s theory that the future of jujutsu sorcery cannot be measured, even with the special grade designation.

These three characters are so powerful that Satoru risks his own life every time he trains with them. Of course, it cannot be forgotten that Gojo is also extremely powerful. Still, it’s hard to believe that he was never around while training these three students. Or maybe it was Hakari, the elusive third year at Tokyo Jujutsu High, who threatened Gojo’s life during a training session and earned a suspension from Tokyo Jujutsu High.

two If Suguro Geto had managed to defeat Yuta Okkatsu, Gojo would be attacked by both friends and enemies.

Rika, Geto, Okkatsu _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Suguro Geto is one of the four jujutsu wizards who have attained special grade classification in the modern era of jujutsu wizardry. Yuta Okkatsu, Satoru Gojo, and Yuki Tsukumo are the only other characters to have earned this designation besides Geto. Even though Satoru was not part of the battle between Geto and Okkatsu, if Geto had managed to take control of Rika, the Queen of Curses, then Satoru’s life could have been null as well.

Not only would Satoru be required to face Geto with the Cursed Spirit Rika behind him, but Gojo would also face an immense backlash from his own allies, especially those who advocated executing Yuta Okkatsu.

1 Togi Fushiguro defeated Satoru Gojo by fully embracing the rebellious attitude that Gojo fights for.

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga _ Gojo vs Togi

The only man who has truly threatened Satoru’s life is none other than Megumi Fushiguro’s father, Togi Fushiguro. After exchanging his cursed energy for unmatched physical strength, Togi is the embodiment of the rebellious attitude that motivates Gojo to constantly disrespect his elders. The combination of his incredible physical attributes and a cursed weapon that negates the power of cursed energy was enough to push Satoru to the brink of death during Gojo’s Past Arc of the manga.

This arc places Gojo in his second year at Tokyo Jujutsu High, a time before he mastered reverse cursed techniques. This means that the stab that Togi Fushiguro puts to Satoru Gojo’s throat should have killed the strongest jujutsu sorcerer. Fortunately, like any best real shonen boy, the threat of death pushed Satoru into the growth he desperately needed, allowing him to escape this battle with his life.

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