Justice League actor Ray Fisher reacts to a WarnerMedia statement that was released after Derek Chauvin’s trial.

Ray fisher has shared his response to a WarnerMedia tweet in support of social justice. The League of Justice The actor has spent the past year detailing his negative experience on the set of the 2017 film during new shoots directed by Joss Whedon. Fisher has accused Whedon of “abusive” Y “unprofessional“behavior, accusations that opened the floodgates to many of the director’s former collaborators who shared similar experiences. Fisher has also spoken out against the top brass involved in the film and the subsequent investigation into it, including Jon Berg, Geoff Johns and Walter Hamada.

The actor believes that racism played a role in his negative experience in League of Justice. For example, Fisher has stated that WB deliberately removed the colored characters from the League of Justice theatrical court, claiming “Blatantly racist conversations were held and entertained, on multiple occasions, by former and current senior executives of Warner Bros. Pictures. “He has also spoken of the reluctance of studio executives to do”an angry black“the focus of the film, as well as”problematic requests“Which involves asking Fisher to channel Quasimodo into his portrayal of Cyborg. For its part, Warner Bros. has said its investigation found cuts made in the stage version of League of Justice “they were not racially motivated. “

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Fisher has continued speaking since the conclusion of the investigation. This includes a reply to a tweet from WarnerMedia published after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. In its statement, the company reiterated its commitment to move forward “racial equity and social justice. ” Fisherman offered a strong reaction to WarnerMedia’s tweet, even mentioning CEO Jason Kilar in a follow-up.

Considering Fisher’s past comments on his experience in League of JusticeIt makes sense that he was upset by WarnerMedia’s statement. Clearly, many others felt the same way, with #IStandWithRayFisher trending at the same time. Fisher’s reaction also shows that he is not afraid to call the higher ups at WarnerMedia, not even its CEO. As of this writing, the company’s tweet has been active for over 12 hours, so it seems unlikely that it will be removed or modified at this time, although it is possible.

WarnerMedia’s statement comes as many other companies posted similar sentiments after the trial. Although these reactions may come from a good place, they often feel superficial and offer no indication that there is real change on the horizon. WarnerMedia may well take its commitment to social justice seriously, but it’s understandable Ray fisher is skeptical as of now. The actor is likely to feel that the company must first take more responsibility for what happened in League of Justice before you can recommit to promoting equality for all.

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