Khloé Kardashian announced new Good American heels on her social media. Many fans criticized it for the high price and tacky design.

Star of keeping up with the Kardashians Khloé Kardashian has created new Good American heels, but not all fans are happy with the $ 195 product. In fact, the 36-year-old is being swept away by the expensive shoes. The best products are built by people who have good experience and knowledge in creating high-quality items. However, some TV celebrity brands have expensive knockoff products that are designed to steal from fans, which is what viewers believe is happening here.

The entire Kardashian family is not new to being judged on the Internet. Their popularity on social media is a big reason why every decision they make is taken seriously by fans and staunch critics. Khloé has been receiving continuous criticism and criticism for most of 2021. First of all, it was the fact that she accepted back her cheating dad, Tristan Thompson. Just as Khloé was recovering from that backlash, she was accused of heavily altering and editing her images on social media. You recently deleted an image just because it wasn’t edited enough. This has caused many keeping up with the Kardashians fans to scrutinize most of his movements on social media.

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It seems like the moment when Khloé drops her new “CINDER-F * CKING-RELLA WEDGES“It couldn’t be worse. He recently started promoting the new heels on social media, and people were surprised to see the high price. The heels come in three different colors and look like a piece of sole wrapped with”Nylon cable ties. “The $ 195 price seems like a lot, especially for an item that can be bought for much less elsewhere. A fan started a Reddit thread with the title, “$ 195 ?! What?

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A lots of keeping up with the Kardashians they joined the discussion and shared their opinion. Unfortunately, most of the fans thought that the heels were too expensive. One fan wrote: “Hope to see them on sale for $ 30 at Nordstrom Rack in a few months.“Another fan said”He made this shoe with a glue gun with the help of True.“Someone else commented that popular stars just repackage and renew the styles they were”originally conceived by artists and design innovators.

Some fans who seemed okay with the price didn’t like the style of the heels and called it tacky, awful, unappealing, and “crazy uncomfortable.“Khloé is not new to selling expensive products, as the rest of the footwear on her site is equally expensive. Although she runs one of the most successful Kardashian-Jenner companies, she may not have hit the mark with this product. Hopefully, the keeping up with the Kardashians celeb will listen to the comments and modify the price to sell them without damaging the wallets of the fans.

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