Monster Hunter Rise’s first update is coming soon, which means more monsters are on the way. Here are five that should be added to the game.

There is a good collection of monsters to fight and turn into armor. Monster hunter rise already. But, even more monsters are on their way to Nintendo Switch. IncreaseThe first major update is coming soon and we only know that two of the monsters will land with it: The Elder Dragon Chameleos and Apex Rathalos. We likely won’t know who the others are until the update’s release approaches, when monsters enter the game.

Until then, there are a few monsters we can speculate on, in hopes that they will find their way to Kamura Village. There are many that would be great to see in Increasegraphic style, traversing the world or just making an entertaining comeback. With so many fantastic options from across the series, it’s hard to pick the five most deserving. However, these monsters stand out from the rest.

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This insect-like electric dragon would not only look amazing on IncreaseThe style with its glass butterfly wings and bright green color, but it would also make a really unique addition. Astalos first appeared in Monster Hunter Generations and it was a handful due to his quick movements and many lightning strikes, especially when enraged. Watching this flying wyvern take on other monsters with its scissor tail or punch them out of the air would be a treat. This monster’s armor also has a glow effect that would make it unique among those currently available to hunters.


This monster was originally programmed to be part of Monster hunter world, as it appeared in the original footage of the game. However, it was rejected when the gameplay and end areas changed prior to release, and has not been seen since. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Lagiacrus was Monster Hunter 3flagship monster and was created for underwater combat.

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Ultimate Generations it did not have this underwater function, but the monster still worked with additional ground movements. He has some typical Leviathan attacks with a few extras including heavy shock damage thanks to the electrodes on his back. Finally seeing the monster in a modern Monster hunter game as planned would be a great comeback.


Monster hunterThe biggest puncher, Duramboros, would be a sight to see flying over the ground. This brute wyvern not only has great styling and cool earthly armor, but also a unique moveset. Duramboros can swing its rock-shaped tail to gain momentum and send Hunters flying or even launch itself through the air. With enough momentum, it can launch itself into other areas of a map’s tail first and crash into prey. Seeing this mountain arcing across the sky while mining off the side of a cliff or being interrupted by the shaking of its weight crashing into the middle of a fight would be an incredible addition to Increaseopen world.

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At first glance, Qurupeco doesn’t seem like a very interesting monster, but it makes up for it in other fun (and annoying) ways. This wyvern bird has the unique ability to improve and heal itself with its cry. It can even summon other monsters. When his chest swells, there is an opening for the hunters to stop singing, but if they don’t arrive in time, other monsters will rush to help him. On Increase, this would give him the unique ability to avoid turf wars. Qurupeco would bring a new challenge to Increase players, especially those unfamiliar with this bird.


TO World classic that caused many players incredible stress, Bazelgeuse’s rain of terror would be a perfect fit for Increase. The world of Increase it’s more fluid when it comes to monsters wandering around and interacting with things around them, and seeing Bazelgeuse act more naturally would be a huge improvement. Instead of mechanically bombarding areas, crashing into walls, and flying erratically, it would fly a bit more naturally and maybe even rumble with other flying monsters. And after watching the fight between Magnamalo and Rathalos, one has to wonder what a turf war between Magnamalo and Bazelgeuse would look like.

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