The Diamond Casino is a prominent location for GTA Online players, a source of cash, missions, and a home base, but what about a player?

Rockstar first opened the Diamond Casino and Resort to Grand Theft Auto Online players in July 2019. It is located at the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard, and occupies a considerable amount of real estate. If they are lucky, players can also make it a great source of information in the game. GTAO cash. It may be tempting to try the same in Grand theft auto 5The story for a player, where cash is often scarce.

In the context of GTA Online, the visit costs GTA $ 500 for a basic membership, but this only grants access to basic gaming and storage of a car in the garage. Full access to From GTA Online Diamond Casino demands a VIP membership, specifically buying a penthouse suite at prices in excess of $ 1.5 million. Players can participate in the casino’s work missions or cooperatives. The Diamond Casino and Resort GTAO The heist mission does not require an attic, but it does involve the purchase of one of the Los Santos arcades, again set at $ 1.5 million or more. If players spend on a luxury suite, they can pay to expand it with things like a spa, a private garage, and even a private dealer.

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Eurogamer notes that while there were once plans to open From GTA Online single player casino GTA 5 players via DLC, possibly even setting up a Ocean’s 11Heist style with Franklin, Michael and Trevor – Rockstar decided to change course after the success of GTA Online. So while the company could always change its mind in the future, for now the short answer is no, Grand theft auto 5 Single player users cannot enter the Diamond Casino and Resort. This is probably frustrating for some GTA 5 players, given that the casino version was marked “Opening soon” since the game’s launch in 2013.

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GTA 6 needs a single player casino

GTA Online Diamond Casino

With rumors already swirling GTA 6It is doubtful that Rockstar wants to spend more resources on the less profitable half of an eight-year game. There could even be rationalizations of the game: a smart player could accumulate a fortune by gambling and then spending their way Grand Theft Auto 5’s history, purchase of weapons and properties for which the game was originally designed. On the contrary, a few bad hands in the casino can force a player to look for cash, something that is less problematic in GTA Online, where that’s largely the point. Either problem would be easy to solve with scheduled access.

Some kind of single player casino could hypothetically become GTA 6Especially if Rockstar is aiming for a multi-city story as some rumors suggest. Discreet play is already part of GTAsister series Red Dead Redemption. Until then, however, Grand theft auto 5 players will just have to hold their breath.

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