Bruce Wayne spent years traveling the world training to become the crime fighter he is today. But even Batman struggled to learn to use magic.

It is not an understatement to say that bat Man he has dedicated his entire life to fighting crime in Gotham City. To do this, Batman traveled the world and trained for most of his life to become a master detective and one of the most successful martial artists in the DC universe. But despite all his years of training and commitment to protecting the innocent, there is one skill Batman has never been able to master: magic. But the evidence shows that Batman is capable of learning magic if he really wants to. He’s just not very good at it.

The Dark Knight is known to be skeptical of all things supernatural, preferring to use his muscles, gadgets, and intellect to fight crime. Despite his aversion to magic, Batman accepts the help of DC’s wizarding community when the situation calls for it. Even when alone, there have been cases of Bruce Wayne using magic. On Superman / Batman # 15 Batman employs magic to prevent Superman from being possessed by the always underrated Deadman. Also, in the first digital comic Superman: Tomorrow’s Man # 19, Batman fights an evil parallel Superman casting magic on himself, explaining that “Batman does what he needs to win.”

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What’s important to note is that whenever Batman has used magic, he uses the backward spells commonly used by DC’s resident wizard Zatanna. Zatanna is Bruce’s childhood friend., and the two share a close bond. So if Batman ever learned magic, Zatanna would be the easiest benchmark for him to use. A flashback in Detective Comics # 959 James Tynoin IV and Álvaro Martínez expands on this concept, showing a scene in which a teenage Bruce tells Zatanna that he has been trying to learn magic from his father Zatara. According to the flashback, Zatara tried to show him some tricks with his hands, but failed to teach him real magic because the future Batman was never able to solve it.

Batman Zatanna Magic

Magic in the DC universe can be unpredictable, difficult to control, and absurdly powerful for those who master it. However, apparently Batman was unable to understand how to use magic, despite Batman studying with dozens of other teachers in multiple disciplines to hone his training. If Bruce had shown an aptitude for magic in his early years, then it is quite possible that Zatara would have been training him long enough for Batman to use him on his own.

There’s no question that Batman would be a far more threatening crime fighter if he incorporated magic into his arsenal of abilities, but fate had different plans. As it stands today, Gotham’s criminals can thank their good fortune that they won’t have to fight a version of bat Man who masters the art of magic.

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