The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals a first look at his son in full zombie makeup for season 11, which is also the show’s last.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has revealed a look at his son as a zombie before his appearance on The Walking Dead season 11. The long-running AMC series is gearing up for its final series of episodes, which will begin airing on August 22. The Walking Dead Season 11 will feature 24 episodes, allowing viewers a longer goodbye to the massively popular show. The public also has a little time to accept The Walking Dead wrapping up, as the season 10 finale aired in early April.

The team behind the show have been hard at work on the new season since the beginning of the year, when Morgan teased the start of filming. Interestingly, the actor has also said The Walking Dead Season 11 was not originally supposed to be the show’s last, citing “a great pivot.“Fortunately, there are several other related projects that viewers can look forward to after the end of the series. There are new seasons of both. Fear the walking dead Y The Walking Dead: World Beyond on the way. There are also two other spin-offs in the works, one with Carol and Daryl and another called Tales of the walking dead. Additionally, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will return for a number of films, while Morgan has hinted that AMC is contemplating a spin-off focusing on his character Negan.

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Even if The Walker Deadis next The projects are exciting, there is still season 11 to enjoy. In an Instagram post, Morgan He teased the new season with a first look at his son Gus in full zombie makeup. Check out Morgan’s photo below:

By hinting at the start of production in The Walking Dead Season 11, Morgan shared a picture of a script folder his son made for him for Christmas celebrating the show’s final season. Based on that, it’s clear that Morgan’s son is a fan of his work on the show. Gus will also not be the first family member to appear in The Walking Dead– Actress Hilarie Burton, also Morgan’s wife in real life, guest-starred in season 10 as Negan’s late partner, Lucille. His episode, “Here’s Negan,” was also the season finale and was pivotal to the show.

As of now, it’s unclear what major role Morgan and Burton’s son will play in The Walking Dead season 11. Even if it ends up being a relatively minor part, it’s clear that it means a lot to Morgan to have his family involved in the show. If the Negan spinoff doesn’t end up happening, it’s a great way for the actor to say goodbye to The Walking Dead franchise.

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