Many fans are strictly against Caitlyn Jenner’s candidacy for governor of California, saying she is unqualified and has no political or legal experience.

keeping up with the Kardashians Cast member Caitlyn Jenner wants to be the governor of California, but it’s no secret that fans see through her potential for the job and have rejected her outright. There are several examples in history where movie and television stars have left the world of glamor to enter politics. Some famous examples include Jerry Springer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Melissa Gilbert. While many actors-turned-politicians have been praised by fans, some received criticism for their lack of political knowledge.

Kris Jenner’s ex Caitlyn is not the only one in the family hilariously mocked for her unrealistic attempts to achieve positions of power. The other member who was also dragged out is Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband, Kanye West. Despite his clear lack of understanding and experience in politics, the rapper did his best with his imaginary knowledge in hopes of ruling the country one day. Little did he know that this would be very embarrassing for the family and also a complete waste of time. During his presidential campaign, Kanye had multiple breakdowns and revealed personal information to voters that proved disastrous for his career. A lots of keeping up with the Kardashians viewers saw this more or less as a long episode of a sitcom, where everything felt strange.

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The E! 71-year-old Star posted an image for her initial paperwork to run for governor of California on her Instagram page. In your ad, Caitlyn saying, “I’m in! California is worth fighting for. Visit the link in the bio to follow or donate today.“It all quickly backfired as fans began to energetically respond to his post. Almost every top post on the post says”NOT, “except for a few. Many keeping up with the Kardashians The fans are completely against this race. Some of the comments say “It’s not my state, but like, no“”We need real politicians in these roles, not clueless celebrities,“”I think the era of unqualified reality TV personalities running for public office should be over,” Y “April fools was 22 days ago.“One fan even wrote”Oh lord help us, “which received over a thousand likes.

Kanye lost a fraction of his fame and marriage shortly after losing his own election, and a similar turn of events could be waiting for Caitlyn as she tries to be the governor of California. Somehow he thinks his popularity can potentially give him a win. But without a deep understanding of the topics, many fans are already aware of what to do.

Some have even pointed out that Caitlyn had never voted before. According to public records, he did not vote in the 2018 California gubernatorial election. He also skipped the 2016 presidential election. So it is not surprising that many keeping up with the Kardashians fans are rejecting her entirely as they find this attempt a bit questionable.

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