A new Mass Effect is officially on the way and now is the perfect time to speculate. Here are four things fans want to see in the next game.

Last year at The Game Awards, BioWare revealed that it was hard at work on another Massive effect title, which surprised many staunch players. Massive effect is one of the most beloved sci-fi video game series of all time. The revelation of a sequel that comes after the poorly received. Mass Effect: Andromeda It was a delight for fans of galaxy-spanning adventures. The trailer, which was light on concrete details, strongly hinted that the new Massive effect It would feature the return of the characters from the original trilogy, another surprise for fans.

With the next release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, fans are more excited than ever at the prospect of a new entry that could bring back some of the beloved characters of the past. On the precipice of Massive effect Legendary Editionlaunch, now is the perfect time to look to the future and illustrate some features that could make a new Massive effect a modern classic.

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New and old characters

One of the biggest surprises of the new Massive effect The trailer was the reveal of a visibly older Liara T’soni pulling out a familiar N7 helmet from the snowy surface of a planet. Massive effect built an incredible roster of characters over the years, some who survived Reaper Wars and others who perished from player-made decisions.

After the multiple endings of the original series, Commander Shepard’s fate is unknown. A new game that combined some of the classic characters that fans adored with some new faces, particularly in the player character, could bridge the gap between the original series and a new adventure perfectly. It’s time for Commander Shepard to rest and for a new hero to take on the task of saving the galaxy.

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Mako expanded scan

The Massive effect The games are all about exploration and adventure spanning multiple galaxies in a quest to save the world from evil. However, while Massive effect He continued his galaxy-jumping narrative throughout the series, losing the Mako tank after the first game. Although the mechanics were questionable at best, Mako’s levels in the first Massive effect The game was a delight for many fans, and the vehicle sections in Andromeda it felt like a step in the right direction.

A new Massive effect which triumphantly brought the Mako and harnessed the power of current-generation consoles to create great vehicle-friendly explorable worlds, it could help fans have a true sense of discovery. Players leaping across a hostile new world inside the familiar jet-equipped tank could further develop the sense of wonder players feel when experiencing Massive effect for the first time more than a decade ago.

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A Canon ending

The original Massive effect The trilogy ended with three possible outcomes. The player can choose to destroy the Reapers and also all friendly AI in the galaxy, control the Reapers and become a divine AI being, or synthesize all organic and AI life to create harmony. Furthermore, all of these original endings destroyed or damaged the relay systems, isolating the galaxy from hyperdrive travel.

From the trailer clues, it seems highly likely that the new Massive effect The game takes place many years after the events of the original trilogy. This seems to mean that developer BioWare will be forced to choose what the end of the canon is for the series, a monumental task that will literally have galaxy-spanning effects. Just like it’s time for Commander Shepard to rest, a new sequel that connects to both the original trilogy and Andromeda it needs to branch out on its own. A chosen canon ending will be a great starting point for the new adventure.

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Andromeda combat systems

The original Massive effect The series was a great third-person cover shooter game, but that solid combat didn’t really shine through until Mass Effect: Andromeda. Even if Andromeda It didn’t do much good in terms of story and presentation, it did evolve the dynamic, high-energy combat that the series always fought for.

AndromedaThe jet-jet’s maneuverability combined with its visually stunning and hard-hitting biotic powers made combat feel powerful and fluid, no matter what class the players chose. A new Massive effect needs to build on this combat model, offering more mobility options and exciting ways to face each battle.

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition Due to its release on May 14 this year, many fans are excited about a renewed interest in the series and its classic characters. After suffering a huge failure with his online looter shooter Anthem, developer BioWare is seeking redemption. While keeping track of one of the most beloved trilogies in all of video games isn’t easy, there’s no better way for BioWare to make a comeback than to make fans fall in love. Massive effect all over again.

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