Of the Sons of Ragnar, who would be the best boyfriend and who could cheat, abandon or murder a partner?

Vikings It may be a series about raids, battles and wars for the Norwegian government (and far beyond those shores), but it is also a series about love and romance. From season one, when Ragnar and Lagertha’s relationship is central, and Ragnar’s affair with Aslaug changes everything, the relationships on the show often drive the plot. Athelstan’s affair with Judith brings Alfred into the world and even changes the line of succession, thanks to King Ecbert’s love for Athelstan. The fact that Ivar did not have sex with Margrethe leads to Sigurd’s death, when he mocks his brother for it.

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Big or small, love and relationships drive the show and character movements, just like in real life, where relationships and romance can change the course of anyone’s life (though generally with less deadly results. or historically transcendental). But who of the Sons of Ragnar would be the best for a relationship and what would be a terrible idea to date?

5 Ivar

Fredis strangled by Ivar

Ivar, despite being a clear villain for much of the past few seasons, actually has some strong points when it comes to relationships. He is possibly the most intelligent of his brothers, and is incredibly passionate and has a brilliantly creative mind (although this manifests itself in the series as the way he manages to win battles, destroy armies, and generally kill a large number of people. ). During his time with the Rus, fans can also see the softer side of Ivar, and that he has the potential to be a wonderful father figure, as he is for the young Prince.

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However, there is simply no way to get over the fact that Ivar is vicious, cruel, arrogant, and violent. When he has his first sexual experience (with Margrethe), and is physically incapable, he almost kills her on the spot, and throughout the series, it is obvious that Ivar is a terribly capable killer. He later kills his wife, Freydis, for lying to him, and the only partner he has anything with that comes close to a positive relationship is Katia.

4 Sigurd

Sigurd isn’t really around long enough for fans to get a solid impression of how he would act as a romantic partner, although it’s easy to assume he’d be a better choice than Ivar, simply because he doesn’t. murder his lovers or declare himself god. He also shows some care and compassion as a child, when he seems to be the only one in Kattegat who cares for Siggy’s well-being (though not enough to keep her safe from accidental drowning). However, he is also impulsive and bully when he insults Ivar in front of everyone (although getting killed for that is an overreaction). Finally, he proves that he cannot be trusted, as Margrethe begged him not to tell anyone what he was saying about Ivar, and he announced it in front of the entire army. Impulsive, intimidating, mean and untrustworthy, they are certainly not positive traits for a romantic partner.

3 Hvitserk

Hvitserk spends most of the series struggling to find his place in the world, and it is quite possible that, had the woman he loved not been murdered, he might have settled into a sense of home and of himself that would have turned him into a good man. Unfortunately, Ivar derailed this possibility, burning Hvitserk’s lover alive. After learning of his death, Hvitserk was unable to cope and began abusing alcohol and drugs, to the point where he constantly hallucinated and could barely function.

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As his brothers try to give him a chance to do something for himself, he constantly lets them down and takes a long time to find his way back to a healthy place, and even then, he is constantly struggling to figure out who he is. and what is its purpose. In the end, Hvitserk is seen to settle in Wessex and get baptized, so if he finally decides that this is his place, he has the potential to become a good partner. However, for most of the series, he is simply too lost in grief for Thora.

two Bjorn

Porrun and Bjorn Vikings

Bjorn is a fan favorite character and a man who manages to marry multiple women over the course of the series, so it is clear that he is extremely attractive as a romantic partner … although he may have a hard time committing himself, as is often the case. becomes bored of their wives. However, despite his commitment issues, Bjorn would make a wonderful partner (for as long as he was interested in the relationship). He is always respectful of his partners and, although he wants to move on, he does not cheat (and most of his relationships that would otherwise appear to be unfaithful occur with the full consent of everyone involved). He is also a fantastic, intelligent, curious and caring warrior, and while he may have a touch of arrogance about him, it is probably well deserved, given that he is a living legend in his own world.

1 Ubbe

Vikings ubbe

Ubbe is definitely the best potential romantic partner of all the Sons of Ragnar. He is a powerful warrior, but unlike some of his brothers, he is not interested in waging war for her sake. He cares about taking revenge or land, but then he is the one who most wants to colonize the land, forge alliances and create communities. He is smart enough to rule and pragmatic enough that he can put aside his own grudges in favor of what is best for everyone (and he is one of the only children of Aslaug who forgives Lagertha for killing her and makes his own alliance. with her). He is flexible, he becomes a Christian when it seems necessary to make an alliance and protect himself and his partner, and he is a good father, even to Torvi’s children with Bjorn. He may not have the kind of legendary status that Bjorn does, or Ivar’s ambitions, but in terms of being a respectful, caring and reasonable partner, Ubbe is the clear winner.

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