Cobra Kai revealed more about John Kreese and Tory Nichols in season 3, hinting that the bad girl will follow in the footsteps of her karate sensei.

Cobra Kai Season 3 drew parallels between Tory Nichols and her devious sensei John Kreese, hinting that she is on the same self-destructive path. Although Tory (Peyton List) was featured in season 2, little was known about her home life other than the fact that she faced far more adversity than Samantha LaRusso. After Sam wrongly accused Tory of robbery in Cobra Kai season 2, In large part due to Sam’s prejudice, the two teenagers began a feud that rivaled that of Daniel and Johnny in The Karate Kid.

Although initially, Tory was more like Daniel in The Karate Kid (with Sam’s most privileged life being similar to Johnny’s in the original film), Cobra Kai Season 3 further complicated Tory’s story by making comparisons between her and Kreese, one of the greatest villains in history. Karate kid franchise. In the original ’80s movies, Kreese (played by Martin Kove) served as the infamous sensei responsible for furthering Cobra Kai’s “no mercy” philosophy. He reentered Johnny Lawrence’s life in Cobra Kai season 2 and, in a not-so-surprising twist, he managed to steal control over his former student’s dojo.

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Audiences learn more about Kreese’s backstory at Cobra Kai season 3. Flashback sequences show how the once-idealistic young man was twisted through a combination of trauma and bad influence. These scenes also highlight the various similarities between her upbringing and Tory’s. Kreese obviously sees himself in Tory, as shown by him intervening on her behalf with the owner and offering to train her for free. Both came from single-parent households and both were discriminated against because of their poverty. Like Tory, Kreese had to work difficult, sometimes humiliating jobs due to her financial situation at home. This explains why Tory is so important to Kreese and what his plans are for her and the Cobra Kai dojo.

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Cobra Kai Season 3 Kreese and Tory

Cobra Kai Season 3 reveals key similarities between teenagers Kreese and Tory: They both have sick mothers and absent fathers, both are bullied in their workplaces by their peers, and both find mentors who teach corrupt philosophies. Kreese’s mother committed suicide, leaving him to survive alone. Tory’s mother suffers from an unknown condition that requires Tory to be her primary caregiver, although that appears to require Tory to work part-time to pay household bills. Before getting sick, Tory’s mother was a waitress struggling to survive, that is, until she was fired from bringing leftover food home to feed her children. The circumstances imply that Tory’s mother may suffer from a mental illness similar to that of Kreese’s mother. Flashbacks of Kreese’s backstory in Cobra Kai it even included a moment that echoed a scene from Tory from season 2 – a young Kreese trips while working as a waiter in a similar way to how Sam tripped Tory at the skating rink.

The parallels between Tory and Kreese in Cobra Kai They suggest that Kreese is shaping his young student to be his successor, perhaps with the intention of her taking over the dojo when he’s gone. While in the military, Kreese was deformed by the influence of a superior officer, Captain Turner, who pushed the young man to the limit. Although he’s treating Tory with more kindness than he received from Turner himself, Kreese is effectively doing the same to her. Unless Tory’s mother gets involved in Cobra Kai Season 4, countering Kreese’s influence, the young karate student is very likely to continue to be corrupted by her sensei. This puts Tory on a dark path that can only end tragically for everyone involved, and suggests that the rivalry between Tory and Sam is far from over.

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