The Bluth family is full of unique characters, but perhaps none are more eccentric than Buster. An adult who looks much more like a child, Buster never fails to make the audience laugh. He is an immensely clumsy soul, as his social skills are not necessarily the best. This also doesn’t fit particularly well with his unhealthy bond with Lucille, with whom he still acts and is treated like a child. Yet this is exactly what gives this character his own identity, while also providing some of the funniest moments on the show.

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When it comes to the Buster story, it may sound simple, but it’s actually quite complex. In fact, against all of her goofy character, she ends up killing Lucille 2. While this isn’t one of her best moments, to say the least, it does have a host of scenes that help carry the series along due to how hilarious they are. .

10 When she talks about Lucille with her siblings

Buster and Michael stretching before riding their bikes

Throughout the series, it is apparent that Buster has an immensely close relationship with his mother, Lucille. Although he is nice in theory, he certainly crosses a line and he is willingly treated and acts like a child.

However, after spending time with Michael, he begins to blossom more into his adult self, even if it is short-lived. After hearing his brothers talk about their mother, he openly joins in. But he takes it too far when he lets out a series of insults on her, which are full of profanity.

9 When he plays drums at the worst time

Buster playing drums

When Michael learns that the entire family has been receiving money from the Bluth Company for personal purchases, he is understandably furious. With George Sr. in prison and the company on the brink of losing its money, he puts his foot down and brings them all together for a meeting.

From there, Michael claims that no one can take money anymore and that everyone needs to find work. However, just as Michael is expressing his point of view, Buster plays the drums hilariously and progressively gets louder. Michael then stops his speech and asks Buster to come up on the balcony, but the latter responds with “Mom says it’s too windy.”

8 When feeding the Roomba

Buster feeding the Roomba machine

After Buster tragically loses his hand, he thinks he’s half man, half machine. This thought process is what prompts you to develop a close connection with the Roomba vacuum in the house.

In the scene, he decides to feed the Roomba cheese sandwiches, assuming he’s hungry. Of course, this device is a vacuum cleaner, so it is unable to feel that way. However, Buster thinks he can understand it emotionally, which is just fun. However, it is also kind of you to want to take care of him.

7 When he drinks Gob’s fake blood

Buster after drinking the GOB juice

In preparation for a big party, Gob asks Buster to help him fetch buckets of fake blood. When Michael asks him why Gob has the blood, he tells him that it is actually just juice, which brings great joy to Buster.

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However, Gob revealing that this would bite him again, while Buster drinks it all. After asking where he is, Buster runs into the room with the juice all over his face and yells in a cheery tone, “I love juice!”

6 When he gets cheeky with Lucille over the juice

Buster tells his mom he can spell juice

This fake blood situation isn’t the only time Buster’s love for juice is shown. In fact, her love of juice is so great that her mother has to hide it from her as it gets out of hand if she drinks too much with too much sugar.

Lucille makes Gob take Buster to a party for this too. Lucille spells “juice” in hopes of hiding the reason why Buster can’t stay home alone, but shows great ingenuity and responds with, “I can spell, mother. You spelled juice.” The delivery of this line is perfect and just plain fun, as it shows a great mix of confidence and cheek.

5 When he catches the attention of Lucille 2

Buster and Lucille 2 speaking at Arrested Development

Lucille thinks Buster would look better without his glasses, so she makes him attend Marta’s awards show without them. However, Buster has no contacts, so he can’t see anything.

He moves in a hilariously awkward way with a blank look on his face. This somehow catches the attention of Lucille 2 and she thinks that he is flirting with her. Therefore, Buster finds his future love interest by simply being himself, while handing his number to the waiter for delivery.

4 When chasing a bird in the house

Buster chasing bird at Arrested Development

On Development arrestedBuster usually acts like a child, which is usually very funny. However, in some cases, it can create chaos for the people around you. A great example of this is when you chase a bird around the house.

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His goal is to get him out of the house, but he also seems to be very excited by his presence. While trying to push it away, he ends up smashing a bunch of appliances in the kitchen, including a pendant lamp. The scene incorporates a lot of physical comedy, which dovetails well with Buster’s immense enthusiasm.

3 When she takes Lucille’s emergency wine stash

Buster drinking wine at Arrested Development

When left alone in the house, Buster looks through the cabinets. Of course, your main goal in this is to find where Lucille hides her favorite thing on the planet, juice. He believes that he is successful in his search when he finds Lucille’s emergency wine stash.

Buster drinks a lot and this is the first time he’s had alcohol since he was a baby. The upshot of this is nothing short of hysterical, as she sings and dances to the Bette Midler classic, “Rose’s Turn.”

two When he brings rewards home from the army

Buster bringing stuffed animals

Buster joins the army as a way to show Lucille that he is not a boy. However, it backfires as he ends up missing his training bus when he spends all his money on the claw machine in the arcade.

Therefore, he returns home with a handful of stuffed animals. When Lucille says that she is happy that he is quitting, he lies and says that the stuffed animals are his reward “from the Army”. He claims they are for marksmanship and arena racing, which of course is too silly for anyone to believe.

1 When he fights Annyong over her muffin

Buster and Annyong fighting over bagel

As stated above, Buster is essentially a man-boy on the show. Her unhealthy relationship with Lucille takes an even stranger turn when she adopts Annyong, as she does so out of spite when Buster dates Lucille 2. From there, a sibling rivalry begins between Buster and his new younger brother.

The best scene between these two occurs when Buster wants a piece of bagel from Annyong. Annyong claims that Lucille forbids Buster from consuming carbohydrates until he gets a girlfriend his own age. From there, they argue over who can get a girlfriend first. Buster then tries to rip the bagel from Annyong’s hands, as the latter laughs at everything that is happening.

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