Apple’s AirTag is designed to locate lost items, but the tracker can also be used to search for treasures at home, in a garden, or in a city.

From Apple AirTag may be designed to locate lost belongings, but the tracker can also be used for a variety of alternative purposes, such as conducting a scavenger hunt. Together, AirTag and the Apple ecosystem have everything you need for this type of hide and seek game. All that is required is a bit of creativity to take advantage of the available functionality.

The AirTag features Ultra Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies for easy setup, location, and identification by others. It’s these technologies that mean AirTags can help users locate a bag in the middle of town, find a set of keys on the back of a sofa, and tell someone who to call if an item is found. It is also these technologies that can form the basis of a scavenger hunt.

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Setting up a scavenger hunt requires an iPhone that can be used by those conducting the scavenger hunt, up to 16 AirTags (which is the maximum that can be paired with an Apple account) and for AirTags to pair with the Find My app on the iPhone. The AirTags should then be hidden around an area where the treasure hunt is safe to take place and where they are not likely to get pinched, such as in a home, garden, or even a local park or forest. Naturally, it is important to consider the safety of the AirTags and those who seek them.

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Apple AirTag Scavenger Hunt Ideas

An AirTag scavenger hunt can take place around a small apartment or throughout the city. In a home, Precision Finding technology that works with the iPhone 11 and 12 series will be able to point hunters in the direction of each hidden tag using augmented reality arrows. Once in the vicinity, those searching will be able to activate a sound from the AirTags to make them easier to find. For that reason, they are best hidden well, such as behind books on a shelf, hidden in a drawer, or cushioned by a cushion.

For scavenger hunts in green areas, AirTags can be hidden in bushes, trees or in crevices in walls. They can also be disguised or placed in containers. For a city-wide search, AirTags can be placed in the different homes of friends or family, introducing a social element and bringing the Find My network into play.

Of course, scavenger hunts often have clues, and scavenger hunts ask searchers to find specific items. These items can be easily entered to make your AirTag scavenger hunt more demanding. Different accessories can be added to the AirTags for different participants and the clues as to which AirTags to follow or in what order can be hidden in the NFC information that is displayed when they are touched against the iPhone. All of this, of course, can be timed, with the competitors going one after another and perhaps verifying their findings through the information displayed via the NFC touch or what is etched on each AirTag.

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