Image Comics just announced the upcoming release of an epic of gods at war fueled by myths from writer Kyle Higgins and artist Felipe Watanabe.

The good people of Image comics I just announced that an exciting new series owned by a creator hit shelves this summer. Emerging from the mind of the powerful writer Kyle Higgins, fresh off the success of Radiant Black (also from Image) and in collaboration with The flash Y League of Justice veteran artist Felipe Watanabe, Ordinary gods is set up to give readers an epic and myth-fueled experience.

Years in the making, Higgins is finally getting his chance to bring the world he has spent so much time building in his imagination to readers. On an interview with SYFYWIRE Regarding the upcoming release, Higgins describes Ordinary gods as “An epic of generational action that spans ages, worlds, dimensions and the connections between them all.” An ambitious and very promising concept, especially considering Higgins’ proven track record in delivering his original ideas.

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With the launch announcement came four beautiful preview pages, as well as a wraparound cover for the first extra-long issue. The series will bring together elements of science fiction, fantasy and alternative history, in a narrative that spans the history of mankind. From the earliest days of antiquity to the modern 21st century, the gods have walked among humanity. As the cover suggests, these immortal souls have not hidden in the shadows, but have become some of the most influential characters in history. From Cleopatra to Abraham Lincoln, and from Joseph Stalin to Queen Elizabeth I, to name a few of the most recognizable. Although not born from Earth, these immortal beings have effectively been trapped on this planet for millennia, condemned to an endless cycle of death and rebirth. The how and why remain a tantalizing mystery.

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Ordinary Gods # 1 Original preview Page 3

Ordinary Gods # 1 Original preview Page 4

From the preview pages, readers can glimpse the intricate tradition that elevates the story. Readers can infer that where there were once thirteen immortal souls on Earth, a war unleashed between the Gods has reduced their number to five: The Luminary, The Prodigy, The Brute, The Trickster, and finally The Innovator. The series may be wide in scope, but most of its narrative focus will be on Christopher, a seemingly “ordinary” 22-year-old, caught up in the same life patterns as everyone else. The only difference is that he is immortal, and in his past lives he was once a god. Which of the five immortals Christopher This has yet to be revealed, and it’s fair to say that it won’t be the only surprise awaiting readers.

For those hungry for a new and original story, Ordinary gods will be available for purchase on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

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