Marvel’s Avengers manages to make the characters feel different. One achievement is the differences in swordplay between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

With each new event or game mode on Marvel Avengers, the developers have worked to improve all aspects of the game. However, the only aspect in which the game has done well since its launch has been the distinction between the fighting style of each character.

When Kate Bishop and Clint Barton were announced, it seemed like the combat diversity between the characters had finally run its course. Both archers used a sword in conjunction with their bow and arrows, which showed a great lack of variation between them at a glance. But when both characters were cast, it became clear that there is more to the duo than meets the eye.

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When Kate Bishop was featured at the Young Avengers comical, appeared when there was no Hawkeye. Her natural bow and arrow skills and Olympic-level training made her the perfect candidate to continue Clint’s legacy. As he grew older, his style never changed and he never added a sword to his charge as he carried on with the hero’s life.

Marvel Avengers He presented the sword to Kate to honor Clint, who was missing at the time. Kate’s natural fighting ability made her proficient with the sword, but she was never fully mastered. His long sweeps and heavy hits proved this. The blade itself also seemed much larger in Kate’s hand, indicating that it was probably heavier than she was used to. To compensate, he treated the blade similar to a long sword and used its weight to his advantage. This is evidenced by the slow build up before each hit, removing large chunks of the enemy’s health bar.

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In the comics, while Kate continued as Hawkeye, Clint abandoned the arc and became Ronin. As a character, Clint used swords and various other Japanese weapons. That training was evidenced in their hand-to-hand combat in Marvel Avengers. Where Kate used sweeps and heavy blows, Clint struck with speed and precision, using the sword like a traditional katana. As compensation, the damage dealt to enemies was slightly reduced to account for their speed with the weapon.

The differences between the two heroes can also be used in strategy. If a player wanted to attack quickly and unpredictably, Clint would be the best option. But if they wanted to hit harder with their attacks, Kate would be the preferred choice. Marvel Avengers has displayed the best fighting skills of each avenger. This has even included everything from Black Widow’s stealth precision to the Hulk’s devastation. As more characters join the roster, rest assured that the trend will most likely continue.

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