Monkey D. Luffy may have gone through some changes afterwards One piece jumping for the first time, but he still retains traits of his old self that fans love to see. Whether they stem from Luffy’s admiration for helping good-hearted people or his never-back attitude, many people enjoy watching him defeat evildoers when the time comes.

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Luffy tends to get into situations that are out of his control. So it would be intriguing to note some anime bounty hunters that could capture it and others that would fail.

10 Would Succeed: Vash The Stampede, as he has various weapons that could render Luffy unconscious or worse (Trigun)

Although Luffy proved himself to be a genius in battle many times, Vash The Stampede has powers that could give Luffy some trouble. Weapons aside, Vash possesses superhuman speed, agility, reflexes, and strength capable of dodging several of Luffy’s attacks without worry.

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Additionally, Vash has numerous firearms like his Angel Arm that could do Luffy some damage despite being made of rubber. For example, Vash’s Angel Arm is known to have enough power to poke a hole in the moon and destroy cities without issue. Vash also possesses angel wings as a defensive measure that can take down most enemies.

9 Would fail: Kanta Mizuno is an excellent sniper in his series, but he’s not fast enough to match Luffy’s (Desert Punk) incredible agility

Kanta Mizuno from Desert Punk

Despite Desert punk With a protagonist who many argue deserves more love than he received, Kanta Mizuno does not possess the necessary skills to capture Luffy. Despite being an excellent gunslinger with side weapons like smoke screens, flashbangs, and other weapons that he could use to immobilize Luffy, he does not possess the strength to subdue him in any way.

Luffy can counter many bullets that Kanta would throw at him thanks to his rubberized body and he can always rely on his Gear Second form to increase his speed if necessary. Luffy can also attack from great distances thanks to the power of Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit.

8 Succeed: D is an immortal being whose speed and strength could overpower Luffy in combat (Vampire Hunter D)

Vampire Hunter DThe main protagonist, D, is one of the most powerful characters in the series, whose half-vampire and human physique and excellent sword skills would be enough to subdue Luffy. D is an immortal being in the series with speed, reflexes, and experience capable enough to allow him to learn Luffy’s movements during their first fight.

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Even if Luffy managed to beat D into a bloody pulp, D’s healing factor is beyond ridiculous, as he was able to successfully resurrect from within the bodies of his enemies. D’s force allows him to cut a mountain in half.

7 Would fail: Rally Vincent does not possess superhuman gifts that can defeat a fast and powerful enemy like Luffy (Gunsmith Cats)

Gunsmith Cats Vincent Rally

Rally Vincent may be one of the greatest American characters in anime history, but his bounty hunting exploits pale in the face of the strength, speed, and power that Luffy has in One piece. Rally’s excellent marksmanship and her ability to identify her foes’ weaknesses make her a great hunter in her series. However, Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit grants him a gummy body that can send its bullets straight at her.

Luffy possesses superhuman speed, agility, and various physical forms that would be too much for Rally, considering she is a mere human.

6 Succeed: Alita’s vast arsenal of plasma-based weapons can enhance her abilities (Battle Angel Alita)

If the fans prefer to call her Gally, Yoko or Alita, they decide; She is one of the coolest anime cyborgs ever and someone who can capture Luffy without a hitch. Broadcasting from Gunnm or Battle Angel Alita, Alita possesses a zero-gravity martial art form called Panzer Kunst that she uses to defeat enemies larger than herself and defeat enemies in an instant.

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Alita has other abilities that she can use against Luffy in regards to her plasma manipulation, increasing her speed to supersonic levels and powerful regenerative abilities if Luffy puts her in a difficult situation. She is a cyborg who would put Franky’s abilities to shame.

5 Would Fail: Daz Bonez was a subordinate that Zoro defeated and someone Luffy would have no problem defeating either of them (One Piece)

Daz Bonez from One Piece

Daz Bonez was a bounty hunter who worked with Crocodile during the early arcs of One piece. Although he was a powerful enemy for Zoro to take down during the Alabasta arc, his abilities would no longer be a problem for the man Luffy now became.

Since his last fight with the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy has learned many new tricks regarding his variety of gears, understanding Haki on a substantial level and other things. Although Daz Bonez is a character who reappears later in One piece, Luffy would have no problem finishing the job that Zoro started.

4 Succeed: Dandy can act like a sensual fool, but he possesses divine gifts that could cause Luffy (Space Dandy) some trouble

Anime space dandy with shadows

Dandy space had one of the best sci-fi anime endings, according to most fans. Also, the main protagonist of the anime, Dandy, is a bounty hunter with divine powers that would help him capture Luffy. Although Dandy can act like a perverted fool and not look like an incredible gunslinger at first glance, he does have some defining traits.

Dandy is very perceptive and a fast individual with a mech called Little Aloha that can reach incredible speeds. Dandy is also not a human being, as he has a divine particle in his system that is known to be the energy source of his universe. Dandy also has skills about space and time.

3 Would Fail: Hunter J is an amazing pokémon hunter, but not a hunter that would pose a threat to Luffy (pokemon)

Hunter J From Pokémon

Despite being an incredible villain in the Pokemon anime, Hunter J does not possess the feats necessary to capture Luffy. Although he wouldn’t mind risking the lives of his comrades and Pokémon to ensure Luffy’s capture, their strengths only reside in his Pokémon and they listen to the lightning strike that allowed him to turn Pikachu to stone.

Luffy can be naive at times, but he is an agile fighter capable of dodging many weapons like pistols and other gadgets without worry. Furthermore, Luffy could also use his team powers to counter Hunter J’s attacks, although he would probably resort to the attack of his Gum-Gum Pistol to turn off his lights.

two Succeed: Nagi, a bounty hunter with a great track record, known for fighting an enemy with superhuman strength and powers (Tenchi Muyo)

Nagi by Tenchi Muyo

Although Nagi does not possess superhuman abilities like her arch rival Ryoko, she has a chance to capture Luffy if someone requested her for the mission. Considering that Nagi can go toe to toe with a warrior who possesses abilities like teleportation, fire powers, and stepping through solid matter, her skills as a hunter are not worth it.

Additionally, Nagi possesses martial arts skills and uses her iconic whip and energy sword when fighting her rival Ryoko. According to By Tenchi Muyo tradition, Nagi has never failed to catch people other than Ryoko. To defend his title, he wouldn’t want Luffy to be just another name added to his “miss-to-catch” list.

1 Would Fail: Spike Spiegal is a well-acclaimed bounty hunter whose experience would not help him capture Luffy (Cowboy Bebop)

Although Spike Spiegel is one of the most iconic bounty hunters in anime history, his martial arts skills and shooting skills wouldn’t be enough to capture someone like Luffy. Spike fought many magnificent enemies during his time in Cowboy bebop, but arguing that he can subdue Luffy would be criminal for both characters.

Luffy is an insightful fighter despite being naive at times and can use his many forms of equipment to escape whatever traps Spike and his crew have in store for him. Spike may be a clever bounty hunter, who might find weaknesses in Luffy’s skill base, but Luffy is known for defeating humans who rely on wits to secure a victory.

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