Former RHONY star Dorinda Medley is bringing Dorobics’ season eleven aerobics course to life through a virtual charity aerobics class.

Former star of The real housewives of New York Dorinda Medley is teaching a virtual charity aerobics course. Medley revealed on the eighth season of the reality show that she had worked as an aerobics instructor. He taught a class called Dorobics later in season 12. Proceeds from the aerobics class will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Medley first appeared in The real housewives of New York during the show’s seventh season. She quickly became a fan favorite thanks to her personality, sense of humor, and drunken antics. She coined several iconic phrases and offered her home in the Berkshires for even more iconic cast tours. Medley left the franchise at the end of season 12 after an ugly season fighting Tinsley Mortimer. Fortunately, Medley is focusing on new positive endeavors like charitable aerobics.

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The former housewife said: “It is going to be very fun” in a promotional video on Twitter. “We are going to dance, we are going to dress up, we are going to have fun and we are going to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.” he exclaimed in the same video. Medley doesn’t seem to be joking about dressing up. A second promotional video showed the television personality sporting a fortune teller’s turban. “Turban or no turban” joked the star as she asked her fans to buy tickets.

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RHONY Dorinda Medley

THE TRUE HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY – Episode 1215 – In the photo: Dorinda Medley – (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo)

The class will be held on the Moxie fitness platform and will feature the 80s theme. The next author shared her favorite songs from the 80s that could appear in an interview with Variety. Star choices included songs by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Wham! “[Michael Jackson] really ruled the 80’s “ Medley said about the king of pop, “I remember having the ‘Thriller’ album on my yellow Walkman and hearing ‘Billie Jean’ on repeat”. On Diana Ross’s song, Work That Body, the star shared: “This song has the perfect eight-beat aerobic, and the music video of her dancing in a leotard is iconic.”.

Meanwhile, The real housewives of New York he’s gearing up for his anticipated thirteenth season without Medley. Both Medley and Mortimer left the show and added the show’s first black cast member, Eboni Williams. The housewives staple dropped both their trailer and slogans recently. It has a release date of May 4.

The class was held on Friday. It’s 45 minutes and it costs only $ 30 to participate. Participating fans should have a good time. Dorinda proved throughout her reality TV career that she can be charismatic. Housewife to celebrity aerobics instructor isn’t the worst career move a housewife has ever made.

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The real housewives of New York airs May 4 on Bravo.

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