Over the course of the past six weeks, we had been waiting for a new Captain America to step forward and take the mantle (along with the shield). The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delved into all the political ideologies, principles, and history associated with the Captain America superhero figure.

As that shield was passed from person to person, representing a conflicting legacy of both Captain America and the ideas championed by Steve Rogers, the penultimate episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally saw Sam Wilson finally realizing why it is necessary for him to become the man Steve wanted him to be.

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Finally, the series finale featured Sam Wilson flying in new colors, his wings adjusted to hold the shield on his back. Not only that, when asked Who are you?Sam responds confidently. I am captain america. But was that enough?

We have seen that Marvel Studios has treated superhero nicknames in their own way and only labeled them by their insignia when their characters were fully developed. It was made evident by the fact that it took Wanda Maximoff years to earn the name Scarlet Witch. But with Sam, Marvel didn’t take the time to seal his new mantle, publicly making it clear that Falcon is officially and formally Captain America.

The title revealed

At the end of the episode, after the cast and crew credits, the show’s name is titled as Captain America and the Winter Soldier, removing the Falcon name from it. It’s a classic conclusion to the old Sam Wilson character arc, and a clear clue that Anthony Mackie he would also be credited as Sam Wilson / Captain America (unless Marvel decides to bring Steve Rogers back somehow; Secret Empire?)

The transition from Wilson’s character to Captain America

In addition to the official reveal from Marvel Studios, Wilson made a subtle transition to Cap throughout the episode. We see Captain America fight his way through Flag Smashers and then finally save some diplomats publicly, earning the love and support of the people around him. He then faces Karli, whom he decides not to fight back. Realizing that Karli’s actions are forced by a teenager’s helplessness and limited ability to control pain and anger, he tries to calm her down, but is ultimately dead when Sharon dismisses all warnings.

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But, true to his belief and his empathy for Karli and her cause, he uses his death to make GRC diplomats realize that relocating people to the old ways would mean the return of all past conflicts. It is better to take this change of post-Blip events as a challenge and unite the world to face it together, finding a new way to adapt to this new world order.

Hawk mantle

Marvel isn’t just removing Falcon’s name so soon. The episode showed a glimpse of JoaquĆ­n Torres possibly fixing up the old Falcon suit and making himself a new Falcon uniform. Danny Ramirez’s version of Falcon will definitely be the new Falcon or, as the comics portrayed him, Falcon II, who will begin to assist Sam Wilson’s Captain America in a much broader capacity than that of a military officer. How Marvel will spawn the new Falcon in future installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be my pleasure.

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