The Nintendo and Fujifilm partnership allows players to print screenshots like Polaroid to match New Pokémon Snap. Here’s why that’s special.

After more than two decades of waiting, Pokemon Fans are finally on the verge of New Pokémon Snaplaunch. The game is a great tribute to that iconic ’90s original, a concept that now extends beyond the content of the title. New Pokémon Snap now you are recovering the moment that surrounds the N64 Pokémon Snap Also, thanks to the upcoming Nintendo and Fujifilm partnership.

Fujifilm is best known for its line of Polaroid-style boutique cameras that have become quite popular. The brand also makes a small Bluetooth printer, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, that connects to smartphones to print Polaroid. Nintendo is collaborating with Fujifilm to re-launch Instax Mini Link along with a smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch to print screenshots with various Nintendo-related filters. While this will work on countless Switch titles, it is placed alongside New Snap analogous to the original Pokémon Snap and Blockbuster Video printing kiosks.

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In 1999, enterprising Nintendo 64 owners were able to get their Pokémon Snap printed images too, albeit in a much more complicated way. Blockbuster Video was equipped with kiosks that, for a small fee, allowed players to place their Break cartridge in the machine and prints a batch of photos of the game. At the time, this was a first. In 2021, it is a novelty that joins another novelty. The concept of video rental stores is quite strange nowadays. But, the idea of ​​taking an N64 cart to that rental store and printing Pokemon the photos are even more mysterious.

Regardless of how outdated the notion is, it’s a clever chapter in Nintendo’s history that holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of many fans. After all, this is such a natural extension of Pokémon Snap itself, and a pretty funny memory of a much more analog time. Back then, the idea of ​​taking screenshots, let alone printing them, was an idea in the Nintendo space that was reserved for only the most outlandish tricks, like the Game Boy printer. That does speak to these Blockbuster kiosks being part of a lineage of various Nintendo kiosks actually, dating back to the Famicom disc system writing stations and the aforementioned Game Boy printer, for example.

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While this story is compelling to explore, it’s downright exciting to see it contextualized for the modern age. Being able to daisy chain a Switch, a smartphone, and an Instax Mini Link together to emulate the analog experience is a stylish nod to the original. Pokémon Snap. It is also an expensive gesture. Ultimately, at $ 100 for the printer and another $ 20 for the Polariods, this is much more expensive than the original Blockbuster fee of $ 3 for a sheet of photos. But people are not buying this association for its usefulness per se, but to celebrate the cultural moment of the original. Pokémon Snap and its rebirth in 2021.

After all, celebration is the theme underlined by New Pokémon Snap. Bandai Namco has a clear understanding of the Pokemon brand, as well as modern trends that make the launch even more moving. Every time new information about the game is revealed, from its visual fidelity to its feature set, New Pokémon Snap it has become even more exciting. This is obviously a passion project that seeks to bring Pokemon to life, while reviving a concept fans have longed for. Nothing in the title seems crude.

On the contrary, the richness of its details seems like a phenomenal celebration of the 25th anniversary, especially in a year in which PokemonProduction is proving divisive. The whole community is gathered New Pokémon Snap because it is not limited to lip service to its predecessor and the nostalgia of its fans. The game pays tribute while modernizing its formula. The announcement of the Fujifilm collaboration is just a testament to the attention to detail and appreciation for history that makes Bandai Namco’s work even more special.

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